Son won't give mother his boss's phone number for emergencies

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Sometimes your parents will worry about you and other people have the opposite experience. However, there are times when children feel like they are not being treated like they are adults. Either way, it can cause drama when a child doesn't want to cooperate with their parents.

AITA for asking my son to give me his boss's number?

On Reddit a mother posted that her 18 year old son got a new job at a place that is about a 20 minute drive away. It's at a restaurant which can have dangers associated with it but she mainly wanted to know who to call if there was an emergency outside of work.

The son got bent out of shape when the mother asked for his boss's number for emergencies. She didn't indicate that she was going to call it, but the son refused. His mother asked him again after a while before he started his job and the son told her he wasn't 4 and to leave him alone.

The father of the son told the mother to leave the son alone about it and to just move on. The mother is so confused because she doesn't think it's that big of a deal and is wondering if she's just being dramatic or if she should be able to get the number.

Would you give someone your boss's number if they wanted to have a way to contact them in an emergency situation? Do you think that the son is right to be a bit annoyed at his mother's request since he's an adult?

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