Teenager's mother wants him to spend his money on their family

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When you're young, you generally don't have to worry about bills or feeding a family. But, in some instances when you come across money, your family may benefit from it. Not every family is the same but today we'll discuss a situation to see if sharing with the poster's family is warranted.

AITA for not buying my family pizza using the money I just got.

A poster shared their experience with getting some money on Reddit. This poster was a 15 year old male that sold one of his Pokemon cards for $160. His mother found out and kept bothering him to buy something for the family, including pizza.

There are 6 people to feed in the family and so the teen asked if he could be reimbursed if he bought the pizza. The mother said no and that he needs to think of the family instead of himself. This wasn't working for the poster, however, so he declined to spend any of it on the family.

Apparently the card was loved by the poster and he made sure to keep it safe for many years until it was something he could sell. He's not working at this time so having a bit of money for him isn't all that normal. The mother seems to feel entitled to the money because she bought the cards in the first place.

Pokémon cards are very expensive in some instances. They have become more and more popular over the years so there is always demand for the cards. However, not all of them are worth a lot so when you get a rare one it's really important to keep it safe since damages really hurt the value.

Would you expect your child to spend his money on the family to get food? Does the 15 year old deserve to keep the money since the card was a gift and is his because of that?

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