Man cancels going out with his family to take care of his sick wife

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It's always nice to be able to see your family when everyone is in good spirits. However, if you have to cancel on them they can sometimes get the wrong idea. Would your family get mad if you cancelled going out to take care of a loved one?

AITA for cancelling on my family to take care of my sick wife?

A poster on Reddit has shared that he was going to go out with his family to celebrate his older sister's birthday. However, his wife got sick suddenly and so he had to cancel on his family so he could take care of his wife and their 2 babies.

Having a family to take out to dinner isn't always easy to do, especially when one of the parents isn't feeling up to helping much. Lots of families go out to eat but these days with how easy it is to get extremely sick, it is usually best to isolate instead of going out.

The poster said he could go to the dinner with his 2 babies but if you know anything about taking babies out it's not always easy even with some tips in mind. This seemed to have made the poster's mother mad so she ended up going over to the poster's house to see what was going on.

When the poster's mom showed up, she barged in and wanted to make sure that his wife was really sick. Now the poster is asking whether or not he's in the wrong for cancelling the dinner he was going to have with his family for his sister's birthday.

Would you be mad at your mom for being upset with you because you wanted to take care of your partner? Are you on the mom's side and think the poster should go to the party and leave his sick wife to take care of everything herself?

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