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It's a lot of work dealing with a mental health issue and you can make big mistakes during an episode. Before you judge someone and what they're going through, it's good to know that we all make mistakes that we might need help getting out from under.

AITA for taking all of my neighbor’s plants?

This poster on Reddit was surprised when one of their female neighbors was tearing up her garden. The neighbor was putting all of her plants by the trash to be taken away so the poster decided to ask if they could have the plants.

The neighbor told the poster that she was working on getting her old garden taken out so she could work on a new one. She said that she has been putting all of this off for months so the poster was excited since it meant they could use all of the plants for their own yard.

After the poster started to put all of the plants into their yard, they tried to give the neighbor some money because it was a lot of plants that were pretty nice. But, the neighbor wouldn't accept anything so the poster took what they wanted and moved on.

Fast forward to a little while later and the neighbor sends over her husband so see if the poster would give the plants back. Apparently the neighbor woman has bipolar disorder and really was embarrassed so she sent her husband to rescue what he could get.

Bipolar disorder can cause you to act out in a variety of ways. This means you can end up doing something you'd regret so it was really hard for the neighbor because she didn't actually want to throw out all of her plants.

The poster doesn't want to give all of the plants back because they did a lot of work to put in all of the plants. They say if they have to dig it all up, then their yard is going to look a lot worse which is not something they want to deal with.

Now when the poster goes out and sees the neighbor with her husband, they ignore her. The other day, the neighbor's husband waved at them but the woman that gave away the plants gave her a dirty look.

Would you keep the plants or would you give them back to someone after they told you that they made a mistake? Perhaps it would be best for half of the plants to be returned in some kind of a compromise. What do you think?

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