Man walks out of fast food job due to a lack of training

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This is a nonfiction recollection of events as experienced by me; used with permission.

I've had a few jobs that were good and a few that were not a good fit for me. One of the shortest jobs I ever had was around 2 hours. The people working at a certain fast food place caused me to back out of working there and I think I had a good reason to walk away.

The job in question was for a fast food chain and they were known to be a decent place to work if you were willing to try your best. To get the job, I signed up on the internet and I had never been to the location so there was no way for me to know what people working there were like.

I showed up in my uniform on my first day and the person in charge said he was going to help me get started and then he would leave the crew to it for a few hours. He showed me a couple of things related to making food and so I learned a bit from him and thought I was going to do just fine.

After the training manager left the people left seemed to just be the staff. I said if I had questions I would ask someone working and started working on whatever I could to help out. However, the people working were all friends because they all spent the whole time talking and not answering any of my questions.

An order came in for something I had no idea how to make so I decided to ask one of the people working with me if they could tell me what to do. They said that it was a common menu item and that I should know how to make it. After that the person said that I needed to figure it out and ignored me. I had to just guess at what to do and of course the order was made wrong and a couple of people got on my case.

They were telling me that I shouldn't make orders wrong and I said something about having no training or experience with the food there since I didn't eat a lot of fast food. One of them then told me to get back to my station and to not mess up again. Another order came up for something I wasn't familiar with and I asked someone only to get told I should know how to make this one as well.

I did the orders by guessing and once again the other workers were mad at me and were telling me that I shouldn't work there if I don't know what I'm doing. I remember saying that I won't work here then because you all don't want to help me. Then I turned around and went home.

I know that walking away wasn't the best course of action at the time probably, but getting treated like I'm an idiot isn't worth it to me. After I left this job, I got another within a week and there I was trained properly while being treated with more respect.

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