Neighbor's daughter did some damage and her parents denied it

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This is a nonfiction recollection of events as experienced by me; used with permission.

When I was growing up, we had quite a few neighbors on one side of the house. At one point there was a pastor and his family staying there for a while. They had a daughter and I remember a time where they just couldn't believe she did something bad.

My sister and I were typical kids that just played around outside and sometimes got into trouble. The pastor's daughter would come to play with us and we usually just rode bikes or something similar. However, one day we decided to do something that would make our parents upset.

There was a bush in the back yard and my sister and I thought it was hilarious to jump into it like we were doing stunts. Well, during this process we were smashing up the bush and making a mess in general. The neighbor's daughter was over when we were doing this and she decided to take part.

We were all taking turns jumping into the bush and tearing it up but eventually my mom came outside to see what was going on. She got furious because we did quite a bit of damage that would take a long time to deal with. My mom ended up taking all 3 of us to the neighbor's house to tell everyone what happened.

I still remember the pastor and his wife saying that their perfect little angel would never do something like that. The only reason I remember it is because my mom started laughing and said that she's a child just like the rest of them. After that the dad said we could go and we don't think the daughter ever got in trouble.

We weren't allowed to hang out with the pastor's daughter after this happened. My mother told me she was invited to come over all the time but that her parents didn't want her to get involved with anything else. I really felt bad for her because she was always looking out of their window and couldn't join us.

It's strange to me that someone thinks their kid can do no wrong. It makes sense that you want your kid to do their best to be good but you cannot possibly think that anyone, especially a child, is going to be perfect all the time. It really wasn't a big deal to my parents what we did because they didn't ground us or anything we just weren't allowed to jump into things any longer.

I don't remember when they moved exactly but it was probably after about 2 years. Supposedly, they moved to go to another place to help at a different church. Hopefully after that they were able to let their kid be a kid.

If I think back on how many kids got in trouble that I know of, I'd say all of them have had some incident in their past that showed they were not perfect. I hope for the pastor's sake he lightened up a bit and hopefully it was before his daughter was an adult.

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