Man has health problem tied to energy drink consumption

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This is a nonfiction recollection of events as experienced by me and a friend; used with permission.

When I was much younger, energy drinks were becoming this big thing that everyone was involved in. They were being sold everywhere and there were so many drinks coming out that you could get a new one every day if you wanted for many weeks in a row. However, I found out through a friend that they weren't the best choice in the way of getting caffeine.

I used to drink a couple of energy drinks a week but my friend was always really into having a few each day. Every few hours he'd crack another one open and at this time we both weren't aware of what could happen if you didn't take it easy. Like anything else, when you quit using energy drinks in moderation they will turn on you.

After a few months of my friend drinking energy drinks, he started to urinate blood. He asked me if that was normal and I said that he needed to go to a doctor. Nobody knew that it could be the drinks so he kept drinking them until he could go to his doctor appointment.

Once the doctor chatted with him and learned about his energy drink intake, he became concerned. He told my friend that it was really hard on his kidneys and that's probably what was causing the blood in his urine. This was enough to get my friend to stop drinking various energy drinks every day but quitting was really difficult for him.

When you quit large amounts of caffeine and whatever else is in the drinks, you will go through withdrawals. I remember visiting him during the time he was quitting these drinks and he could barely get out of bed. He said the main thing he was dealing with was one of the worst headaches of all time. He also was very tired since he cut back on all caffeine in general.

I was still drinking a couple of energy drinks a week while he was trying to quit but all he asked of me was to not drink them around him. After seeing what he went through, I quit and switched to coffee for a while. I have no idea what was in those drinks but they were pretty bad for those that overdid them.

These days I will have an energy drink every once in a while but I try not to overdo it. My friend actually quit all caffeine and he tells me that he has far more energy each day to work with. I would like to get off of caffeine myself, but to be honest it's one of the only chemicals I feel like I can have these days without too many health issues.

I would say that it's important to wait a while after something new starts taking off because there will always be issues with people overdoing anything. There are medications that come out that are supposedly a good substitute for their addictive counterparts only for early patients to find out that the side effects and addiction potentials are much worse. You should at least wait for a study before you adopt something new unless there is a reason to rush to work with it.

There are other products I am skeptical about when it comes to how good they are for you but I'll save that for another time. Do you know of anything that got big that caused you or your close ones some health issues?

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