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This is a nonfiction recollection of events as experienced by me and a friend; used with permission.

There was a friend of mine that got in an accident because her car caught on fire randomly while she was driving. She ended up with burns all over the lower part of her body which was going to be expensive to deal with in terms of healthcare.

She had insurance on her vehicle and she also some form of health insurance. At first she called the health insurance company and asked if they had any way to cover the costs of dealing with her burns. They turned her away and said to try the vehicle's insurance company.

Once she talked with the vehicle insurance provider, she was told something that I remember made her feel helpless. Basically, this insurance company said that unless there's proof of the vehicle bursting into flames due to some form of manmade issue, it's technically an act of god so they weren't going to help with anything.

It's clear that insurance companies will try to do all they can to avoid providing money for things so they make the most out of providing coverage. However, technically you could say anything was an act of god because that means pretty much anything that the insurance doesn't want to provide coverage for could be boiled down to an act of god.

After she found out that she was going to have to pay the bills for her medical treatments, she decided to just make a post online about getting donations to help her pay for the bulk of what she needed done. This apparently reached the maker of the car and they decided to settle with her for the cost of her healthcare treatment and then a bit more than that as a bonus.

My friend was in the hospital for many weeks dealing with the aftermath of the vehicle going up in flames. Luckily, she wasn't driving on the highway and she didn't hurt anyone else. I think the car's manufacturer owed her an apology but paying for her medical treatment and then some seemed to work just as well.

Nowadays my friend always points out that she could've been rich if she played her cards right but that at least she got more help from them than the insurance would've provided. She is on new insurance coverage plans that are a bit more forgiving so if something bad happens she knows there will be more options.

I know that now I always find out a policy's rules when it comes to accidents because the last thing I want is for there to be no help when I need it. It's sad that your health and life in general aren't seen as a good investment sometimes by insurance companies but that's what happens when the goal is to generate as much money as possible.

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