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This is a nonfiction recollection of events as experienced by me; used with permission.

Growing up I was bullied a lot in school for various reasons. I was not the most popular person in the world and since I was obsessed with things people considered nerdy, I was made fun of quite a bit. One day things changed a bit because my mom handled a bully for me.

I remember being in school and every day this bully was calling me names. He would also throw stuff at me and try to knock me over on my way to other classes. At the school, if you got involved with a fight then you got in just as much trouble as the person that started it.

Because of the rule about fighting, I had enough one day and told the bully where I lived. I could point out my house from the field behind the school where we had recess. The bullying was getting so hard to deal with, my plan was to have a physical fight at my house so I could at least attempt to make him leave me alone.

I was tall and skinny at the time but that was fine I figured he wouldn't know how to fight because of how he bullied people. After school he found me and said he'd be over shortly to take care of this with me. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't scared but I was also ready to get it over with so I went home and started getting clothes on I didn't care about.

My mom wasn't supposed to be there until later but she had to deal with something at home. She saw me putting on the clothes and asked why I was getting ready for something. I told her about my fight and she said that there would be no fighting on her property.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang and my mom told me to stay put. I tried to follow her but she said if I went any further she'd deal with me next. That was enough to make me listen and so the rest of this I either heard of saw from a window. My mom opened the door and asked why the bully was here. He said something about a fight and my mom lost her mind.

She yelled at him about picking on people and how bad of a person he was for wanting to fight me. At this point I got close to a window and was watching her tear him a new one. He was obviously scared and I was loving every minute of it. After she yelled at him he said something about how he has to still fight so he wanted her to send me out.

I guess my mom just snapped at this point because she reached out and slapped my bully across the face. He then started to cry and turn around and stared to run. My mother chased him for a few seconds while screaming about bullies being the worst. When he was gone my mom came back in and told me that she won't always be there but this time she was.

The next day at school, the bully didn't look at me or make fun of me. When I'd walk by he would look embarrassed and to be honest I kind of felt bad for him. I knew all too well that getting put in your place by my mom is not easy. From then on the only thing that bully ever said to me again was hello when I was out of high school and saw him at the grocery store.

My mom was probably the only adult that had my back no matter what and she passed away many years ago so I can't rely on her to step in for me these days. I will always remember her standing up to my bully for me because it changed my life for the better and showed me that standing up for others you care about is worth doing in some instances.

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