Man makes prank call to make fun of another man's dead mother

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This is a nonfiction recollection of events as experienced by me; used with permission.

I am no stranger to making prank phone calls and used to have fun with them often. However, there was one situation in my life where it was such a mean prank call that I almost fought someone at their job over it. I would say this is one of the meanest things someone has done to me over the course of my life.

My mother passed away when I was 20 years old. I loved her to death and considered her the only adult figure in my life that had my back no matter what. When she died, my whole world shattered and I made a post on social media containing my phone number that said that I'd appreciate it if any of my friends could call me.

It is pretty weird for me to want to talk on the phone but I wasn't in a good place and felt like I needed people to talk to. I probably should've sent my phone number in a private message to a few people but I was unable to think clearly at the time since I made the post a day after the death.

Nobody called for a few hours and then my phone rang with a number that was local but not familiar to me. I figured it was someone that saw my post and I decided to answer the phone. At the time I remember that I was crying and just needed someone to be there even if I didn't say anything.

The first thing I hear is someone saying my name and asking if I'm the one with the dead mother. I said something along the lines of yes and it's the worst thing that ever happened to me. He started laughing and calling me a momma's boy while trying to make a few "yo momma" jokes that involved my mom being dead.

He was with someone else and they were both laughing like they were making the funniest prank call of all time. I couldn't believe what was happening and at I remember asking why they were the only people calling me. The guy that was doing the talking said something about how I'm the worst son because I was unable to save her and then the phone went silent.

I think they were the ones to hang up first because I know I sat there for a bit just a bit dazed from it all. I'm the type of person to make dark jokes but I would never think something like that was funny. I decided to do some research on who called from the number and looked it up through a search engine website.

The name that turned up was a guy that lived in my area and I found his social media page. His profile wasn't private and I saw that we had a mutual friend. She was not my best friend or anything, but I wanted to reach out to her to see if she knew anything about what happened. When she replied she said that her two guy friends were over and she left Facebook open when she went to do something.

Apparently they saw my post with my phone number and didn't like me so they decided to make the call. She said she had no idea what to do when it was happening. I told her that her friends were bad people and that I was mad at her for not telling them to stop or something. After that I decided to contact the person who was talking on the phone through a private message.

When he got my message he quickly told me that if I had a problem he was working at a certain retail store and to come meet him at 6 in the evening. This wasn't a problem for me because I lived near the store and was so upset by the call that I was willing to fight over it. However, he didn't think I would show up because when I asked a manager where he was he wouldn't come out.

I waited for a while and was just standing there full of rage over everything. After a while, I started to let it go and told myself it wasn't worth it. I wanted to make my mom happy with my life and if she saw me getting in a fight over something like this, even if it was in her honor it would not make her happy. That is why I didn't push my way into the back and fight him.

The next day he sent me a message talking about how I left when he was just getting ready to come out. He also made some jokes about how tall I am and how I probably couldn't hurt anyone with my skinny arms. At that point I just blocked him and told the girl that was friends with the guy that I was done being friends with her or anyone involved with what happened.

Maybe this wasn't a bad thing since it showed me who wasn't really a good friend in the end and it made me think about everything more carefully since I had to think of what my mom would want from me. This is probably the meanest someone has been to me over her death and I may have forgiven everyone involved but I definitely won't forget.

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