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This is a nonfiction recollection of events as experienced by me; used with permission.

I went to church with my family every week when I was a child. It was a part of my life that I got a lot out of but it also caused me to ask a lot of questions. One time when I was a child, my family got turned away at the door by the person greeting everyone that walked in.

As a kid I was really into learning about dinosaurs. At the time, nobody really told me much about what the church thought of them and my family just let me enjoy the dinosaur related items I had to pay with. My parents got me a shirt with a t-rex on it and I considered it my best shirt at the time so I decided to wear it to church.

Generally my parents wouldn't let me wear anything I wanted to church. I think that because it was my favorite shirt, they just said okay to avoid me having a meltdown. I'm not totally sure how old I was at this time but I believe I was around 6. Me wearing a dinosaur shirt wasn't a big deal to anyone really until we got to church.

All I remember is going towards the door with my mom holding my hand. My dad was ahead of us with my sister and he was greeted first. Once he got in my mother and I were greeted and the man at the door said that we can't come in. I remember my mom calling for my dad to come back out and I thought I did something wrong.

After all that happened we went back to the car and my parents asked me to turn my shirt inside out. When I did you could still see the dinosaur so they ended up taking us out to eat instead of going home to change. I was so confused about them asking me to turn my shirt inside out but later they told me why it happened.

The reason I couldn't go in was because according to the Bible, the world is a certain age so it's impossible for dinosaurs to have existed. At this church, they believed that dinosaur bones were put there by the devil to fool humanity. They did not want anything related to dinosaurs in the church so until I had a different shirt my family wasn't allowed to go in.

I know that the church we went to was very strict but I was so disappointed by the whole dinosaur thing. In my mind there wouldn't be so much information about them if they weren't real. This whole event made me question the church and what it was saying to me but because I was so young I had to keep all of my questions to myself.

We eventually quit going to that church because according to my father they were more about drama and gossip than teachings from the Bible. Once we left that church I remember my whole family being a lot less stressed out. I am not sure what happened to that church but the pastor there was my neighbor. His family moved away and then I never heard of that church again.

I'm not going to get too into religion but my interest in the Bible went way up once I got away from going to that church. I also read a lot of other religious texts when I was a little older. It's important for me to understand things like the Bible since I know the people that are teaching from it can easily make up their own interpretations.

In the end there are a lot of good things about church that benefitted me at the time and that I still can count on to help me through certain situations. It probably is a good thing they turned our family away that day because if they didn't I would not be the person I am today.

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