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This is a nonfiction recollection of events as experienced by me; used with permission.

When I lived in the Midwest, I used to take the bus everywhere. I had no car at this point in time and I'd get on the bus early in the mornings to go to work. Once when I was riding the bus early in the morning, someone got on that looked just like me got on and he sat across from me.

At first I thought maybe I was just tired and that I was seeing things but sure enough he had the same style of clothes and when he started talking it sounded like my voice. He was trying to talk to me about the weather at first and I was just kind of stunned and asked what his name was. This made him uncomfortable and so he told me that he'd tell me more if I went with him.

I know that this sounds weird, and it totally was to me at the time. When I told him I wouldn't go with him he changed the subject and started talking about a few things that were a little strange and related to how bad his life was going. Then he invited me to get off the bus with him to hang out and I told him no but this time he decided to get off of the bus.

I'm not sure where he wanted me to go but I felt like he was some weird hallucination. Since then, sometimes people around where I'm from will say they saw me on the bus or that someone just like me is in a place I've never been. I've seen a picture of someone that looked like me someone took but it wasn't clear enough to see if it was the copy of myself that I met.

There are some comments when I bring this up about how seeing your doppelgänger means that you're going to pass away soon so be careful. I'm not sure about it being a sign of anything, I kind of just think it is a man that is very similar to me and it's just a weird coincidence. I sometimes wish I went with him but then I realize how crazy that would've been considering I had no idea who that was.

These days I look a lot different than I did back then but I sometimes wonder if he ended up with the same look after all this time. If he was just me seeing things, that would explain a lot but I don't think there would be sightings to this day. There is someone in my hometown with my name and that was born around the same time but it's hard to find photos or anything related to that person.

The city bus in general is just a strange place a lot of the time. Usually the weirdest thing that happened back then was someone was obviously in need of medications and were ranting about things that made no sense. I'm just glad that whatever that copy of myself was about, I haven't come across a situation like that ever again.

Do you have any experiences that are totally weird like this?

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