I'm Still Paying For Student Loans From 2008

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This is a nonfiction recollection of events as experienced by me; used with permission.

With all the talk lately about student loan forgiveness, I have been thinking about how they ruined a good chunk of my life and are still a problem for me. I started going to a for profit school due to a promise and it was supposed to be paid for in 5 years at the most. However, that didn't happen and here's more about why.

When I was younger, a parent passed away and so I was told she wanted me to get an education. I picked a computer programming course at a for profit school and noticed pretty quickly that it wasn't what I was told. However, I kept going and thought that when I graduated it would be paid for out of the money my parent left but didn't know it wouldn't go the way I thought.

I graduated in 2008 and no matter where I applied, nobody would hire me. For the most part, these jobs were the ones the school would send me to so it should've worked out. Eventually it was clear that none of these places wanted people from the school and when it came down to it I had to get a job doing fast food for a while instead.

Because I wasn't working in anything related to that school, the person that was going to pay off the loans decided that it wasn't worth it and told me he was done taking care of it. Suddenly, I was stuck with making payments with only a minimum wage job. With that and things like rent, my life was mostly about trying to pay bills to survive while dealing with the loan issue.

There are a lot of problems with the school I went to and they eventually had to close not too long ago because they were sued quite a bit. That caused them to lose funding and their accreditation so it's pretty clear that it wasn't just me that had issues with getting anything out of their programs. Everyone i went there with was unable to get the job opportunities they were promised.

I have been paying the loans I took out off since I graduated so it has been many years of dealing with this. My credit is shot and the loan has grown faster than I can pay it so it is now about 10k more than when I started. It will probably be on my back for many more years even though these days it's easier to pay towards since I am out of the minimum wage world.

The problem with these loans is that they were something I agreed to based on the fact that I'd have a higher paying job after graduating. When that didn't happen, it was impossible to get it deal with fast enough. In the end I'm going to be paying almost 4 times what it was in the first place and I only went there because I was promised it would be paid for which didn't happen anyways.

I know a lot of people are not happy with forgiveness happening for student loans. It would be nice for that to happen for me but if I would've been able to get the jobs they promised then there wouldn't be a need for mine to be paid for. Through what was pretty much a scam, I have been held back instead of being ahead of the game like I thought I would be.

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