How I Ended Up With 2 Outdoor Cats

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This is a nonfiction recollection of events as experienced by me; used with permission.

There are a couple of outdoor cats that I take care of and they hang out around my house most of the time. Both of them had a hard life and needed someone to care enough to give them a home. Finding them a home will be necessary eventually but for now I decided to take care of them until I want to move.

The first cat I started to take care of was left at the home I rent by the last people that were staying here. She was hiding at first so that's probably why nobody got her out of here before we moved everything in. I am not sure how someone can just leave a cat behind but maybe something went terribly wrong and nobody could deal with her.

When I first was aware of the fact that she lived here I would give her food and water but I wanted to get her fixed. I though she was pregnant but when I took her to the vet they figured out she was just big and someone already was able to spay her. She was so scared when I took her there and I think it's because she remembers that place.

I am fairly sure that she had a problem with kids harassing her because whenever she hears children playing or anything it makes her panic and hide. Her favorite thing in the world is food and she always has to be fed more than the other outdoor cat so he has time to eat before she tries to steal his.

After she became my family's cat, there was a problem with stray cats because my neighbor would feed a bunch of cats and not get them fixed. Then there would be kittens and for a while one of the cats was visiting but wouldn't let me get close to him.

This male cat was obviously a sweet animal and he was actually fixed so he wasn't really enjoying being around all the other cats that weren't. Over time I got closer and closer to him so he warmed up to me enough to come over and eat. Then he started living on the porch with the female cat which my family was okay with.

The neighbor's husband passed away and she ended up moving. Somehow the cats were dealt with by someone in their family so there was a lot less chaos going on when it came to cats fighting and such. Once I was taking care of both of them, they had to get used to each other which took a while but they started to bond eventually.

They both are very helpful to have around. The female cat is a good hunter so when someone on my street had a rodent problem I'd get brought their bodies if they were anywhere on the property. The male cat is less into hunting but he does make our lives better just by being so loving.

The female cat considers me her favorite while the male is more friendly with my wife. They sometimes will be affectionate with different people than their favorites, but for the most part it's clear which of us are their favorite people. It's nice to have them around even if it does cost money to feed them every day.

I have an indoor cat as well but he has really bad anxiety and that's why it's usually not a good idea to let the outdoor ones in. We did give them some blankets to keep them warm outside and there is a way for them to hide under the porch if the weather gets too bad for them to hang out where they usually do.

Does anyone out there have pets that they take care of? I think that without the cats I would feel a lot less happy in general. There are those that love cats and those that do not so I'd be interested to hear about the pets everyone has that reads this.

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