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This is a nonfiction recollection of events as experienced by me; used with permission.

I have done various jobs and have taught myself a lot of skills over the years. Once I moved away from home I lived with a friend and I was doing various jobs through the internet to pay for my part of the bills. I really wasn't trying to make a lot of money but within an hour one day I made way more than usual and was not expecting it.

The work I was doing was helping people with various tasks like making changes to websites and helping fill them with content. I was making enough to survive but at most it would usually be possible to make around $60 a day depending on what I found that I could get done that would be worth my time.

My goal was generally to make minimum wage when I did work and since this was a while back in the Midwest, everything was pretty cheap. The minimum wage was not that much though so I was happy with the money that I was generating by working a few hours a day. Plus it was nice that I didn't have to drive anywhere to get to work.

I was checking my email to see if anyone needed any help with anything and there was an email from a client I did some work for recently. I helped him by writing for his blog a bit so it looked better because he didn't know what to add to it after a while. This email said something about a special project so I wasn't sure what that meant.

The email explained that what he wanted was was just a simple post he wanted me to write to advertise a product. He said if people bought it, he would give me a cut. The product was an expensive appliance and I didn't want to make the post because I thought there was no way that anyone would read the post and spend a bunch of money. He said he wasn't going to pay me for the post but I would get a certain percentage for every sale.

While I didn't really think this was a good idea I made the post and it took me about an hour. He put it online and told me he'd be in touch if anything happened. I went about my day and had some things to get done so I didn't stick around to see what was going to happen since I thought it wouldn't really pay off.

When I got home I decided to check my email and there was a message from him about how much traffic the post was getting. I am not sure what we did but he said my cut was on its way and to check my account for it. The message was only sent an hour after the post was online so I thought I got lucky and made a little money.

The payment account said I had around $2,000 that came in and I thought that there was a mistake. I sent an email to the client and asked how much he sent to me and he told me that it was around that much. I asked what happened and he said it just got shared in the right place at the right time and that it doesn't seem to be making any more money.

After that happened I started to play around with my own blogs and put links in them to various products but I've never been able to replicate what happened that day. I am not even sure where it was shared and why it didn't get much attention after that. It was definitely something I could use and I was glad that it worked out so well because I was expecting it to flop.

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