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This is a nonfiction recollection of events as experienced by me; used with permission.

In the past I have done many jobs for many people. I had one job that was so laid back that they didn't mind if I slept during my shift. It was nice because I was working two full time jobs and barely got sleep at home. Of course, I still had to do a job that they would pay me for.

The place where I was sleeping on the job was an art gallery that I was a manager for. My job was to work with clients that wanted to sell art and to help people that wanted to buy art. If I sold something it usually made an artist and the gallery owner a lot of money. I didn't get anything extra usually unless someone wanted to tip me.

I had one other job besides the art gallery and that was at a gas station on the overnight shift. There I would deal with a number of situations and people that would drain me. At the art gallery, I was tired once and the gallery owner was there so she told me if I was tired I could nap on the desk. She also told me I had to figure out a way to wake up when someone came in.

The way I decided to wake myself up was by stringing together a bunch of metal bells with some ribbon. They were pretty bulky bells that I found in the gallery from something else so they were pretty easy to hear when they were attached to the door when it opened. I would sleep sitting in a chair with my head on my desk so it wasn't the best rest but it did help.

It's probably not very professional for me to be napping and then be seen getting up while someone was walking in but most of the people were artists so nothing really bothered them like that. They would usually just ask if they should come back if they didn't know me but I'd never turn anyone away. There wasn't even a single time I didn't wake up fast as soon as the door started opening.

Every day except on the weekends I would only get four hours of sleep at the most when I was home. I would sleep on the job for two hours at the most without someone coming in. Sometimes I didn't sleep at all and other times I caught up a bit more than usual.

It was a great job because my dad was an artist so I would know things that he taught me and I also knew many of the regulars already. I would also get to choose what to sell in the gallery based on what I thought was in line with what people wanted. There were other people working for the gallery that could decide on whether something would fit or not and the owner could do whatever she wanted so it wasn't only up to me.

Sometimes I'd have to help with events at the gallery or I'd need to work overtime at my gas station job. This meant that I only would be able to get sleep on the job and that wasn't very refreshing. I had to eventually figure something else out that paid more because after a certain point I was so tired all the time that I wasn't able to do anything but sleep on my days off.

I'm proud of working hard at those jobs and I really hope everyone I met through that job is now doing well. From time to time I'll think about an artist I liked and when I think of their name I will find them on social media. I don't really bother them for no reason but I do see what they're working on because I'm curious.

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