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This is a nonfiction recollection of events as experienced by me and a friend; used with permission.

My friend used to have a girlfriend that was pretty cool overall. He only had good things to say about her and he was shocked when he eventually had to deal with being backstabbed. He told me all about this after it happened, and he was more let down than mad about it all.

This friend had a male buddy that he allowed to live in his place after that buddy got kicked out of where he was staying. Apparently he had nobody left and decided to ask my friend to help. Since my friend knew him well, he told him he could have the couch for a bit and thought nothing of it.

They had a great life in that apartment based on what I saw. Both would play video games together and do things like hang out while watching movies after work at night. I frequently would show up to spend some time with my friend and both of them would be there. From what I could tell, everything seemed fine.

My friend's girlfriend would come to the apartment from time to time and hang out with everyone. I never really thought anything was off about her because she seemed to be into my friend and was a really cool person. She usually was there for a few hours at a time and spent most of it being close with my friend.

After a while, his buddy started to make comments to my friend about how great his girlfriend was and how awesome it must be to be with her. My friend really didn't think anything of it because he considered the buddy a very close friend that was just being supportive.

My friend's buddy started to chill at the apartment during the day lot more because he changed his hours at work. The girlfriend in this situation would sometimes be there when my friend would get off of work and his buddy would be there with her. She would say she showed up early to wait for my friend to get off of work so she could surprise him.

Once this happened for a few times, my friend had a bad feeling about it. This was especially weird because she seemed to always be there when he got off of work and that meant she was spending time with his buddy on a pretty regular basis. She was coming around more and more until almost every day, his girlfriend would be waiting at home with his buddy when he got off of work.

This is when my friend started to get suspicious. To see if anything was going on, he decided to pick a random few days for a month to come home to have his lunch instead of eating it at work like usual. I knew of this plan and didn't think anything would really come of it because I thought that he might just be paranoid.

When he went home for lunch on the day he first picked to check out what was going on, he opened the door and his buddy and girlfriend were caught in the act on the couch he was letting his buddy sleep on. My friend just said that he would be back after work but when he got home his buddy and girlfriend were somewhere else.

My friend talked to the girlfriend to break it off with her over the phone that night and she said she was sorry. She added that she wanted to tell him but knew it would ruin a friendship. In my opinion, it seemed like if you are someone's friend, the best way to ruin that friendship would be to do what his buddy did.

Would you be mad at your buddy you let stay in your home if he did this? I know my friend well and I knew he was disappointed, but he told me later that he's glad it happened that way instead of it happening after they had a family. I don't know what happened to them both after my friend caught them and never really asked about it because I didn't want to bring it up after he went through that.

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