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This is a nonfiction recollection of events as experienced by me and an acquaintance; used with permission.

I knew a man that worked most of his life just doing what he could. After all, most of us can just do our best and figure it out after we see what works. Well, in his instance, something happened to him that worked out great for him with little warning.

He basically was working a very demanding job that took most of his energy so he didn't have the ability to do much else when he got home. However, one day someone mentioned that there were websites where you can sell things you own to make a little extra. He decided to go to a thrift store to see if he could find anything to sell online so he could make a little more to go towards the bills. It didn't take a ton of energy and I told him I'd help him get it all set up since I have sold random things online in the past.

When he went to the thrift store a few times, he noticed that there were a lot of random clothing items that he didn't know anything about. He asked me what I thought they could be worth and I said that he might get lucky but probably not. It turns out that his hunch that they were valuable was actually right. It was really a matter of him being curious because I didn't really think about how easy it would be to make money like that.

These days if you go to a thrift store they tend to go through items before they put them out for sale so they can get anything that's super rare and sell it online or through an auction. But when he was first shopping around for whatever he could make money off of, there were quite frequently clothing items that were worth far more than he paid for them.

After making a bunch of online sales in his free time he was able to start his own business and opened a hobby shop where he bought and sold various collectables. The experience he got through selling online meant that he could take anything that was pretty obscure and still get it sold to someone that would appreciate it and pay what it was worth.

I sometimes still talk to him and he has some health problems from the job he worked before he could make a living another way. When I asked him what he thinks the key to his success was, he just tells me that a lot of it is just trying something and then doing your best. I have been lucky in the past at thrift stores and the like, but I never have been able to see the same things he found in the beginning when I look around so I guess it's just good that he figured it out before others did.

It's great that you can find success in a lot of unexpected ways. Just stepping out of your comfort zone is worth doing from time to time just in case it actually puts you on a path that you didn't even think about going down.

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