Abortion Care Laws Set to Change This Week in Idaho

Jason Provencio

The laws in Idaho regarding women's reproductive rights are changing.Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Abortion laws in Idaho are about to change on Friday. This will lead to numerous questions from Idaho women and families about abortion care. What is changing and what are the next steps for those seeking abortion care?

Abortion care laws in the state of Idaho are scheduled to significantly change this Friday. One of two new abortion bans goes into effect later in the week. Idaho's Supreme Court ruling last week paves the way for doctors who provide abortions after six weeks of pregnancy to be civilly liable for their actions.

Starting on Friday, August 19th, abortion care providers can also be charged criminally. Most Idahoans who are looking for abortion care will likely have to travel outside of the state of Idaho in order to receive such care.

Planned Parenthood of the NW recommends that patients looking for abortion care come into their local clinic to discuss options. Though they may not be able to provide actual abortion care, they can review and discuss options that are available to those looking to legally navigate the new abortion ban laws going into effect.

They are able to provide warm handoff connections to the nearest facilities in neighboring states and help patients find the right care options for themselves. For instance, the morning after abortion pill is effective up until 11 weeks of pregnancy. Planned Parenthood will help guide patients to providers outside of the state of Idaho.

There is also funding for those who qualify for it through Planned Parenthood. Contact your local Planned Parenthood location to discuss these financial hardship options. The local office is also available for post-abortion care and questions you may have after traveling out of state to receive your reproductive health care solutions.

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