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Allen Correctional Center failed to prevent inmate cry for help after multiple attempts faces penalties & shutdown

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Justice for Freddrick Sims (The Chozin 1ne)keith Cooley. Allen Correctional Center failed to prevent inmate suicide despite numerous attempts to get help. Fredrick Sims, 29 years old, of Ponchatoula,La was found in a cell strangled on November 4,2021 IMPOSSIBLE! The family was informed he was on suicide watch at the time of this accident. Around 11:00pm Nov. 4,2021 his mother got a call from Allen Correctional Center, they notified her; that her son was found dead due to strangulation. Fredrick Sims had a parole hearing coming up that he was very excited about! Fredrick also was sponsoring kids with cancer, an all funds where going straight to the kids without keeping anything. He also had plans for kids that were getting bullied , or just needed parental guidance. These are just some of Fredrick accomplishments he have many more that he spoke with his family about daily. Fredrick also informed us that he was being treated unfairly by the guards him an the other inmates. Fredrick stated the only time he felt safe was in the hole ,because the staff was letting to much happen in population. Fredrick also said he went on hunger strike and the guards would laugh at him. Inmates at the facility believes this was foul play and said they will be getting in trouble for exposing the factual events that are going on at the facility. Freddrick Sims informed officers on duty he needed to contact someone an they denied his legal rights for doing so the day of the accident. Fredrick reported problems in the facility time after time in the past. Our loved ones are being treating unfairly everyday in these type of centers. At this time this is still an on-going investigation. Jail house setup the guards are hiding valuable information at this time. Freddrick Sims have been a victim to a inside job at Allen Correctional Center.

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