Ross Brawn Confirms F1 Will Look At Monaco Changes

Jarrod Partridge
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Ross Brawn has confirmed F1 would consider altering the Monaco Grand Prix circuit if it would enhance racing.

In Sunday's Monaco race, there was only one overtake during the 78 laps when Mick Schumacher passed Haas teammate Nikita Mazepin on the opening lap at the Fairmont Hairpin.

The rest of the position changes in the race occurred when pit stops were made or when drivers retired.

Overtaking is becoming more difficult on the narrow streets of the 93-year-old street circuit as F1 cars have become wider and faster causing the race to become increasingly processional.

In Monaco, the layout of the track has changed over the decades with the development of the principality's harbour area, although it has remained largely unchanged since 2003, when alterations were made to the Swimming Pool section for safety reasons.

A team of F1 circuit designers will investigate potential changes for future events with the goal of improving overtaking, according to Ross Brawn, F1’s managing director of motorsport.

"We'll take a look. But it won't be the first time someone has taken a look at doing something like that and no one has come up with a solution so far.

"But we do have tools now. We have built our overtaking simulation tool and we will certainly have our people take a look at it, but it's pretty challenging.

"People often say why don't you change the tyre strategy, or things like that, but the teams adapt.

"They just find tactics to overcome it, so I don't think tyres or strategy is going to make a lot of difference.

"We've got new cars [as a result of a new set of regulations] next year, so it will be interesting to see what evolves with that.

"It's a brilliant event, but we all know the limitations of the track."

Monaco has an area of 2.1 square kilometres, making it the second-smallest sovereign state behind Vatican City. Due to this, it is difficult to extend the track beyond the current layout.

During a recent Formula E race at the same track, Formula E had its "attack zone" on the outside line around Casino Square, an off-the-line area that drivers must use twice during the race to gain a power boost.

F1 has no plans to implement a feature like this to encourage overtaking, according to Brawn.

"You need to avoid the trickery, like having bits that you have to go on several times a race. There is some racing where you have to divert and go through an overtaking lane, I don't think we should do any of that type of thing.

"But we will certainly look at it [other ways of improving racing]."

"The thing this race demonstrates is how you can build a huge spectacle around the race.

"It's a great event, massive history, massive atmosphere and it's a race every driver wants to win.

"It's a different sort of racing and I don't think variety is a problem."

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