Opinion: Here's Why Black Wealth Is Dropping

Jaron Mays

Today I want to talk to you about this trillion dollar wealth drain in the Black community. Black wealth is dropping — we know that it’s dropping. Well, I just wanted to point out and bring to your attention, one part of the Black wealth that’s dropping by the trillions that we all need to be aware of.

This is an issue that isn’t discussed enough. I feel like this is something critical in terms of where Black people are. This is something that really affects Black wealth in a major way that a lot of us don’t even recognize and it has to do that so many of our kids. It’s a trillion-dollar brain drain that occurs in the Black community and a lot of this comes from the facts that from the time your children are little — and many of you lived through this as well — you are trained to desire one main thing economically and that is to work for white people. That is to be connected to the white man’s nipple on some level. That is to make sure that whatever he got, your trying to get a piece of what he got by being right next to him and being connected to his community over your community. That means working for his companies over your companies; that means being in his neighborhoods over your neighborhoods; that means being around somebody else’s people over your own. Now, this doesn’t mean that if you work for white people that you are a sellout; this doesn’t mean that if you live in a white neighborhood that somethings wrong with you; and this does not mean that I’m judging you on the way you choose to live your life up until this point. But I want you to pay attention to this simple fact: there’s a reason why when your kids go to white public schools — schools that are run by white people — that they end up working for people that are outside of the Black community. There’s a reason why you have so many Black celebrities who don’t even think about making major investments in the Black community but they’ll make investments in white communities. You’ll hear about rappers who’ll make about three, four, five million dollars in some start-up by some white boys in Silicon Valley, but when you ask “What did you invest in the Black community?” they’ll say “I donated some money to the Boys and Girls Club.” When it comes to the big boy moves, they will go to the white side of town and when it’s time to make little boy moves, they’ll come home.

Here’s the deal: you’re losing trillions of dollars in the Black community because of this mindset. Think about it, have you ever seen Black people who built businesses whether it’s a barbershop, body shop, hair salon, restaurant, etc. They work hard to give your kids the best life possible including a good education so you pay for their tuition so they can go to one of these white universities. Then when it’s time to pass down the family business, the kids don’t want to takeover. The kids would much rather go work for big white-owned companies like Hertz, Apple, Tesla, and Ford for example.

A lot of what you think is education, it is also an indoctrination. They’re not just giving you skills, knowledge, and insight, they’re giving you your value system.

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