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Don't Worry, the Snow is Almost Gone

Jared Kaska

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Everett wished for a white Christmas, and that's exactly what we got. However, at this point, the snow on the roads is getting old. When can we expect to be able to see the lanes again?

Well worry no more, at the beginning of the new year, Western Washington will return to the rainy weather we know and love.

Starting New Years Day, the temperature in Everett will come back up above freezing for the first time in a week, with some cloudy skies to warn us of the rain that follows. The temperature for January 1st will be a high of 34 and a low of 32, hardly changing throughout the day. That stable temperature will follow us throughout the rest of the week.

On Sunday, you can expect to get some showers throughout the day, starting right around noon. It'll keep getting warmer, with a high of 40 and a low of 35 for the day.

For the rest of the week, the temperature will stay roughly in the mid-to-upper 30s, with Monday and Tuesday getting as low as 32, and Friday and Saturday getting as high as 40.

Throughout the whole week, there will be off-and-on showers, sometimes mixed with snow. With the temperature above freezing, though, it probably won't stick, and our roads will be back to normal shortly.

The rain won't let up until Sunday the 9th, when you can expect partly cloudy skies, but still with a 22% chance of rain.

Weather forecast from Weather Underground at the Twin Creeks station. Find this forecast and more here.

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