Experts Say: The most obese state in America is also the most religious

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Many individuals around the world, including those in the United States, identify as religious. Although there are many different religions, the majority of them are based on the belief in a higher power. Some parts of the world are extremely religious, while others are not. Some states in the United States are more religious than others.

But it’s worth noting that Mississippi is both the most obese and the most religious state in the country.
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Mississippi comes bottom in several categories on a national scale, but it leads the nation in obesity rates. According to CDC data from 2020, Mississippi has a 39.7% obesity rate, compared to Colorado’s 24.2 percent, which is at the bottom of the list. According to the CDC report, no state had a rate of above 25% before the year 2000, and no state had a rate of over 35% before 2012.

Obesity rates differ by race, wealth, geography, and education level across the United States. Obesity is more prevalent among persons with lower earnings. Obesity was highest among Blacks, at little under 50%, followed by Latinos, Whites, and Asians. Obesity rates were higher in rural areas than in metropolitan areas. Obesity was also more common among adults with less education.

Over 70% of adults were rated fat in 2020.

According to a new report published by the American Medical Association, the frequency of diabetes diagnoses among adolescents has nearly doubled since 2001. By 2050, their figures are predicted to triple.

What is the average age at which children develop Type 2 diabetes? Around the age of 14 — an age that would have been inconceivable for a disease that was once only linked with adults decades ago.

The highest rates of Type 2 diabetes were found in Black and Hispanic youth. COVID-19, which has been driven by lockdowns and closed schools, has decreased access to health care, good food, and places to exercise, according to some.

Not only are researchers detecting more new diagnoses, but they’re also seeing more severe cases that require immediate hospitalization. Pediatric diabetes hospitalizations have increased across the country including in Mississippi.

Though Type 1 diabetes is still more common in children and has lately increased, the growth has not been as dramatic as Type 2 diabetes, suggesting that practitioners should focus more on prevention, such as diabetes tests at a younger age.

Mississippi’s population has a median age of roughly 36.7 years. The gender split in the state is 51.5 percent female and 48.5 percent male.

In terms of preferred religions, 83 percent of the people in the state are linked with the Christian faith, 2 percent with a non-Christian faith, and 14 percent have no affiliation with any religion.

The link between religion and obesity rates remains unclear.

Why do you think Mississippi is so obese?

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