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Rat Infestation: Los Angeles now has more street rats than New York

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A disgusting street rat infestation truth many don’t want to think about, but Los Angeles has rats crawling in its underbelly. According to a recent study, Los Angeles is the second-most rat-infested city in the United States. On Orkin’s annual “Top 50 Rattiest Cities” list, Los Angeles came out ahead of New York.

The cities were rated based on where Orkin had performed the most rodent treatments in the previous year.

New York topped the list, retaining its third-worst position. West Palm Beach, Florida, was ranked 50th.

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According to Orkin, the pandemic’s shutdown of eateries has driven rats to forage for food in residential areas, increasing their prominence.

The appearance of rodents has risen in an unprecedented year, causing worry among homeowners and business owners alike. The closing of eateries due to the epidemic, as reported in the spring, prompted rats to seek other food sources. These bugs were found scouring new places and displaying odd or aggressive behavior since they didn’t have any food trash to eat. The presence of rodents became so important that the CDC released Rodent Control advice on how to keep rats and mice out of homes and workplaces.

Rodent activity will only increase as we approach the winter months, as these pests seek refuge in warm places with food and water. Residents should pay particular attention to the attractants that lure rats and mice this season as the U.S. population spends more time at home.

“Rodents are experts at sniffing out food and shelter, and they’re resourceful in their pursuit of both,” said Orkin entomologist Ben Hottel. “Residential properties provide the ideal habitat for rodents, and once they’ve established themselves, they can reproduce quickly and in large numbers.”

Rodents are renowned for their powerful teeth and digging abilities, which may cause serious structural damage. They have gnawing teeth that are enormous, as well as check teeth that are designed to eat a range of things, such as electrical cables, water pipelines, and gas lines. Rodents, however, may do significant damage in and around houses, according to Hottel.

Rodents cause a variety of health problems in addition to structural damage, and at a time when there is heightened awareness about viral transmission, avoiding rodents and the dangerous diseases they carry is important. Food may be contaminated by microorganisms that cause food poisoning or Leptospirosis in rodents. They may also transmit illnesses like Hantavirus and Plague, which are both rare but deadly in the Western United States.

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