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L.A. man who tried 911-style cockpit breach at LAX says he “smoked a lot of meth” before boarding

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According to court papers, a passenger who reportedly stormed the cockpit of a taxiing aircraft at Los Angeles International Airport admitted to smoking “a lot” of crystal meth before the terrifying event.

According to court papers acquired by the Washington Post, Luis Antonio Victoria Dominguez whispered to a passenger next to him on United Airlines Flight 5365 on Friday that he intended to jump out of the aircraft as it prepared to leave.

“I’m serious,” he said, according to the woman.

Victoria Dominguez, from La Paz, Mexico, is said to have rushed to the front of the aircraft and pounded on the cockpit door, attempting to get inside. According to court papers, after failing to breach the barrier, he unlocked an emergency escape door and jumped from the aircraft, fracturing his right leg.

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On Tuesday, Victoria Dominguez landed at LAX with the intention of flying to Salt Lake City, but he didn’t have a connecting connection.

According to an account, he told FBI agents, he instead went to a hotel in downtown Los Angeles, where he drank several beers and spent $20 on “a lot” of crystal meth.

According to a lawsuit filed Sunday by the US Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California, Victoria Dominguez then moved to another downtown Los Angeles hotel on Wednesday, where he took meth “on and off” throughout the day before choosing to fly to Utah rather than take the bus.

He informed police that he took more crystal meth on Thursday and left a hotel to catch an aircraft out of LAX, but that he missed it and wandered the streets instead. According to the lawsuit, he returned to the airport on Friday only to miss his departure for the second time before arranging a seat on Flight 5365 to Salt Lake City.

When he took his seat, Victoria Dominguez claimed he began to feel the effects of “all the drugs he had used in the last couple of days.” According to the complaint, he overheard people “laughing and talking” about the aircraft departing from Salt Lake City.

According to the lawsuit, this caused Victoria Dominguez to get panicked, causing him to unbuckle his seat belt and sprint to the front of the aircraft.

When he couldn’t get into the cockpit, he reportedly shoved a flight attendant out of the way and concentrated on an emergency door, which he allegedly opened and partly deployed, according to the complaint.

According to the lawsuit, another passenger seized Victoria Dominguez to hold him inside the cabin, but he got free as the aircraft came to a stop, tumbling onto the ground and fracturing his leg.

Victoria Dominguez was apprehended by airport police and brought to a hospital. For tampering with the flight crew, he may face up to 20 years in jail. According to the Washington Post, it’s unclear if he’s retained a counsel.

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