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L.A. zookeeper grabs giant snake’s eggs, gets a bitter fang in the face instead

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A zookeeper’s cheek was bloodstained when a mother python bit his face. The frightening scene was caught on film.

Zookeeper Jay Brewer, the creator of The Reptile Zoo in Los Angeles, uses Instagram to share videos of the creatures he cares for, which include everything from giraffes and elephants to Komodo dragons and saltwater crocodiles.

The moment right before Jay Brewer, the creator of The Reptile Zoo, gets a bitter surprise in the face.Twitter / The Reptile Zoo

Jay showed himself trying to collect several eggs belonging to a particularly big python in a recent video he posted on the site so that specialists could help them hatch.

“She’d figured out who I was. I take a risk in order to bring the kids into the safe environment of the incubator… in this instance, I had to take one for the team “He added captions to the video.

When you attempt to get between a mother snake and her eggs, this is what happens.

According to a disturbing new video, a California zookeeper was bitten in the face by a python while trying to gather her eggs to be reared in an incubator.

In the video, which zookeeper Jay Brewer uploaded to his Instagram page on Monday, he commented, “She GOT ME.”

Brewer, the proprietor of The Reptile Zoo just outside of Los Angeles, said, “I take a risk so I can get the babies in the incubator where it’s safe… in this case, I had to take one for the team.”

Brewer is seen attempting to dislodge a huge yellow python wrapped over her nest of eggs with a metal clutch in the video.

“‘Hey, I finally laid some eggs, and you’re going to take them away from me?’ she says. Yes, because we want them to hatch because they won’t if they don’t,” says Brewer in the video.

The python swings around and bites him in the face as he reaches in to retrieve the big white eggs that had been trapped together.

“I got it right in the face!” exclaims the narrator. In the footage, Brewer moaned.

Take a look at how it all happened here:

Have you had an encounter with a snake? Would you ever collect a snake's eggs like that? Are you perhaps an expert, let us know where he went wrong down below.

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