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LA gated community homeowner catches burglar squeezing their family pets to death

Jano le Roux

After coming face to face with a violent nude guy who came into his house and murdered the family pets, a Los Angeles homeowner is in shock.

Mat Sabz was alone at his Los Angeles home on Thursday afternoon when his wife phoned to inform him that security cameras had captured a nude guy breaking into their house.

Burglar caught in action downstairs.Youtube / Fox

“I see a guy below who is eye to eye with me. ‘Hey, what are you doing?’ I said, raising my voice and pointing at him “Sabz told FOX 11 that

However, the nude invader was not deterred by the encounter.

“He didn’t go anywhere. He stared at me and said, “This is my house, what are you doing here?” Before I could respond, he added, “I’m calling the cops.” And I immediately understood that this is not a guy with whom you want to continue interacting “Sabz said.

Mat bolted into a room, while the intruder returned downstairs and made himself at home, swimming in the pool and putting on clothing.

After then, the suspect saw the homeowner’s two parakeets.

“He grinned at them at first, like a serial murderer. He stepped on them after putting his hands near them. The other bird was aware of the situation. He performed the same thing with the second bird, as you can hear the bird screaming. And when we witnessed how he murdered these two innocent creatures, it changed everything.”

Homeowner escapes through a window.Youtube / Fox

While on the phone with 911, upstairs Mat fled the home by leaping over the balcony and onto his vehicle.

The intruder was quickly apprehended by neighborhood security.

“Who knew what this man could have done to my family if they were home.”

Paul Kiyan, 34, was identified as the suspect by Beverly Hills Police. He allegedly gained entry to the home by stealing a garage door opener from an unlocked vehicle. Kiyan is accused of burglary and animal abuse.

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