California man wrestles great white shark to cut it loose from plastic net in tense video

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Some individuals are just more courageous than the rest of us.

A great white shark was swimming in circles around a fishing boat off the coast of Southern California close to Los Angeles when it became stuck in finishing lines. Sean Bailey’s father steered the boat as he carefully removed the wires that were making the shark immobile. “I think the shark’s going to be alright,” said Bailey, who urged other people to be careful of how they use and dispose of their fishing line.

A fisherman off the coast of Los Angeles, California went viral when he was videotaped rescuing a great white shark up and personal. The big animal had apparently gotten entangled in fishing lines that had not been properly discarded.
Twitter / S Bailey

According to Fox 6 Now, Sean Bailey had previously seen the shark swimming circles around the boat he and his father were fishing in. Bailey allegedly saw the big animal was wrapped in fishing lines as it came closer to the boat.

Bailey and his father can be heard discussing how to release the rope without disturbing the shark in the video.

They were fortunate in that they were able to release the shark without incident.

Meanwhile, great white sharks are making their presence felt on the east coast.

According to a shark monitoring website, many big great white sharks have been seen swimming near beaches in Los Angeles, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, according to Fox News. While the organization emphasized that shark attacks are uncommon, it’s still essential to remember to be cautious in the water.

Ocearch is a non-profit organization that tags and monitors sharks all around the world. The organization has tagged a variety of sharks all around the globe, but many of them are now swimming along the east coast of the United States, according to its website.

Encounters with sharks are becoming more common by the day and conservationists warn not to get too close and personal with great whites. They share that posing for photos like these can cost a life.
Twitter / D Smith

The Ocearch site is presently monitoring numerous sharks in the Atlantic Ocean, and several have been seen along the New York/New Jersey shore, according to its data. Last week, Rose, a 600-pound female that is over 10-feet tall, was seen between Delaware and southern New Jersey.

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