Fined $385 for talking loudly on the phone?!

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According to a new report, a black Michigan lady was fined $385 for chatting too loudly on her phone and believes her white neighbor deliberately called the cops on her because of her color.

On Thursday, Diamond Robinson was going down Cushing Street in Eastpointe when a neighbor approached her and asked, “Do you think you could get off your phone or talk lower?” According to WJBK.

Robinson remarked, “One of those things she said.” “And I told her, ‘Get out of my face,’ and I walked right past her. She’s saying whatever she wants to say. Eastpointe cops arrive three minutes later.”

Robinson said she started live-streaming the conversation on Facebook.
Diamond Robinson/Facebook

In the video, she tells the policemen, “And I hope you know this is all being recorded.”

Authorities wrote her a citation as she continued to record.

In the video, she says, “I get a ticket for being a public nuisance because I’m talking too loud on my phone.” “Is that why I was issued a ticket?”

Robinson told a local news station that she intends to appeal the ticket and has put surveillance cameras outside her home.

She stated, “There is no way police should be called on me when I am on my own property, in my own neighborhood, on my own block.”

According to the report, Robinson believes she was targeted because she is black.

The white woman who contacted the cops had only recently moved into the neighborhood.

She claimed that streaming the incident on Facebook Live was her only option.

“A lot of these issues are being swept under the carpet when they don’t have to be,” she said. “We can sit here all day and chant, riot, and do all of those things, but it will not make a difference if you don’t speak up at that time, at that moment.”

Robinson stated that the 911 caller should leave her alone.

“What’s the matter, are you upset?” she stated “What did I do to you?” says the narrator.

That neighbor refused to respond to the local media, other than to say that the fine “speaks for itself.”

“She will have her day in court,” a police official told the station when asked about the large fine.

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