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ER nurse discovers her foxy husband has a secret second family after reading about his clandestine baby's birth in paper

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He had a secret family with not one but two children. Ami Addison posted a clip on her social media earlier this month, who says in her video: “Tell me how you found out your ex-spouse was cheating on you.” “Say less, I have a great story,” Addison answered back in a response to the video, her response took the internet by storm with more than 300,000 views. Addison went on to say that she found out her husband had been cheating after reading his baby’s birth announcement in a local Los Angeles paper.

Addison tells viewers that she was sitting at work about a week before their tenth wedding anniversary when she wanted to flip through a local newspaper. She was surprised to see his name alongside another woman announcing the birth of a new baby boy in the birth announcement section. She said in the video, “I know it’s his name because it was an unusual name.”

Woman uses her CSI skills to catch and expose her husband who has a second family with 2 kids.TikTok @aaddison01

She claims she checked the website of the hospital mentioned in the announcement just to be sure. She entered her husband’s name and the other woman’s name into the website’s search bar and discovered not only a picture of the baby boy she had just read about but also a photo of the baby girl the other woman and her husband had just over a year before.

She proceeded to say the 21-part story on her social media page after commenters were surprised.

Addison explains how she planned to confront her husband about his second family in sections two and three of the novel. She didn’t approach him right away because she wanted to make sure she had all of her “ducks in a row,” So she went home on Wednesday and used her “strong girl CSI skills” to figure out where the other woman lived.

She packed as much clothing as she could for herself and her three children the next day, picked them up from kindergarten, and checked into a hotel while her husband worked “overtime” hours. She also said that she drove by the woman’s house and discovered his car parked on the driveway. Angry, she threw his clothes and shoes in the rain, along with an anniversary note, on his motorcycle.

When he eventually called, it was clear he hadn’t checked on his car, as he said he and his vehicle were both at work. She hung up after telling him to go check on his car and call her back. He eventually called Addison from their home phone after more than an hour.

The husband explained to Addison that there had been a big misunderstanding about who he was with and where he had been during that phone call. He dismissed it as a “work lunch,” and refuted the birth announcement Addison had read in the newspaper just the day before.

He eventually confessed to adultery and told Addison that in order to make their marriage work, he would give up the other woman and their children. She declined, telling him that he would have to “suffer the consequences” of his decisions. He changed the locks on the house in revenge, forcing Addison and her children to stay in a hotel for the next week.

She goes on to say that she had “a lot of friends in low places,” who persuaded her husband to leave their house. He moved in with his sister after emptying the house of almost all but heavy furniture he couldn’t carry.

He then began harassing Addison. He attempted to steal her car and gave her threatening texts, among other things. She eventually filed a restraining order against him. He formally filed for divorce a month later. After a year of negotiating, the courts decided that she should keep their home and car, he could keep his car and all of the things he took from the house when he first moved out, and he dropped his spousal support case, so she owed him nothing.

How did you find out your husband was cheating on you? What would you do if you discover your spouse had a second family?

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