Social media star realizes that a 50 Cal is no joke

Jano le Roux

A famous social media star has revealed how a gun exploded in his face while he was filming a new video, partially blinding him.

Scott DeShields Jr., a retired Kentucky cop, said, “I shouldn’t be standing here,” as he displayed his scars and bandaged face and hand on his YouTube channel, Kentucky Ballistics, which has 1.84 million subscribers.

He shared a video of the explosion early last month, in which he “almost bit the dust” with a hole in his jugular vein and a punctured lung, saying, “I should be six feet under.”

His video, which had already been viewed over 13 million times by Tuesday, shows the high-powered Serbu RN-50 rifle he was shooting unexpectedly exploding, knocking him back and sending his cap flying 8 feet behind him.

“The gun exploded almost immediately when I pulled the trigger,” he said of the video, in which he used SLAP bullets, expensive military ammunition that is no longer produced.
Kentucky Ballistics

The gun’s steel cap slammed into his forehead, fracturing his nose and three bones around his eye, as well as momentarily blinding him on the right side.

DeShields Jr. said his father, Scott, was behind the camera and immediately stuck his thumb in his son’s throat as blood gushed out of his neck where a piece of metal pierced his vein.

“That would’ve been it for me if he hadn’t been out there with me,” the YouTuber said.

He said his father helped him into their truck and began “hauling it into town” within a minute, while the YouTuber held his thumb in the hole and dialed 911 for an ambulance to meet them on the way.

“I concentrated on my children and fought as hard as I could,” he said, adamant that if he had blacked out, he would never have woken up.

He was flown to a specialist unit at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville after arriving at the hospital, where he said he was “hooked up to every machine possible.”

“The Trauma Team was instrumental in saving my life. They fully cut open my rib cage to remove the shrapnel, fix my lung, and repair my jugular vein,” he revealed on Instagram, adding that he also broke ribs and bones in his hand.

DeShields Jr. was released from the hospital eight days later, claiming to be “healing at a Wolverine rate.”

He said it was just a “freak accident” and shot a handgun while promising to return to make more gun videos soon.

He said, “I’m not going to stop doing what I love because of a freak accident.” “There is nothing that can stop me from moving forward. “I really enjoy what I do.”

“I’m not some crazed, money-hungry jerk who only cares about your money and doesn’t give a damn about you. He insisted, “I’m a gun nut.”

“It’s a horrible situation. I have 10,000 guns with my name on them, and I don’t want anyone to get hurt with them, including the bad guys who are supposed to be shot,” he said.

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