'Out of control' Tesla hits truck in deadly accident

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According to media sources, a Tesla rear-ended a truck, on Friday, killing the Tesla’s owner.

The cause of the crash is still being investigated, according to the public security bureau, which did not include Tesla in its announcement on Friday. As of press time, the public protection bureau could not be asked for comment.

2021 Tesla Model 3 involved in deadly road accident.Public Security Bureau

According to media sources, Tesla officials informed news sources on Friday that they are still awaiting the findings of the inquiry and are unaware of the relevant circumstance.

It happened just weeks after a woman climbed onto a Tesla car at the Auto Show 2021 to protest a brake failure in her Tesla. The event went viral on social media sites.

Experts believe Tesla’s fate is determined by whether a safety review into the case reveals a brake defect, as well as Tesla’s honesty in treating the case.

While it is unknown if the recent crash was caused by a brake failure, the case has sparked hundreds of reports and tweets, with several netizens voicing worry about safety issues with the US electric vehicle.

According to the Economic Daily on April 23, the repeated incidents mean that brake loss is not an isolated issue for Tesla vehicles.

The driver of a Tesla Model 3 was accused of losing control of the vehicle on April 21, and the vehicle then spontaneously ignited. Brake failure is a typical occurrence in Tesla vehicles. After 2020, there have been more than ten crashes involving Tesla electric cars that have gone “out of control” according to media sources.

Market experts have recommended that Tesla be forced to halt development and distribution before the source of the crashes is determined, but Tesla has yet to make any intention to do so.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the only place where Tesla cars have been involved in crashes. According to Reuters, a Tesla Model S crashed into a tree in Texas in April and erupted into flames, burning all passengers to ashes.

According to another Reuters survey, federal highway safety officials are looking at 24 deaths involving Tesla vehicles that are on autopilot.

As of press time, Tesla has not responded to a Global Times request for clarification on the new accident.

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