New video obtained: Gunmen with AK-47s ambush cash-in-transit vehicle, but gets a driving lesson instead

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A new video of a different angle shows thieves had no clue who they were messing with. The driver of this CIT vehicle, Prinsloo, is a veteran police sniper who worked for 12 years in the special forces.

He maintained his composure during the ordeal, ramming into one of the assailants’ cars and leaping from his own van to fire his weapon at the gunmen.

After a while, the thieves gave up and fled the scene.

Deon Coetzee, Prinsloo’s boss, said the hero was a valuable part of his staff.

In a dramatic viral video, the driver of a van carrying cash in South Africa showed ferrous composure as he and a passenger came under intense gunfire.

According to a video posted to social media on Friday, the driver managed to keep hold of the car while it was attacked, with bullets whizzing off the vehicle.
Failed cash-in-transit heist, shows the importance of good driving skills.South African Police Service

The driver of a Cash-In-Transit Toyota Land Cruiser made a bold escape from an unsuccessful robbery in a video that just went viral. The crew might have gotten free, but in South Africa, Cash-In-Transit vehicle robberies are almost regular.

According to News24, a squad of armed robbers opened fire on a Toyota Land Cruiser CIT vehicle on April 22. These cars are typically used to move money or valuables from one location to another. The suspects fired a few shots at the cab, but the passengers were luckily covered by bulletproof glass. Within, Leo Prinsloo, the CIT vehicle’s owner, made a great escape, while Lloyd Mtombeni, his partner, prepared for the worst-case event. A monitor inside the Land Cruiser caught video of the terrifying ordeal.

Prinsloo’s driving abilities and calm attitude in such a tense environment most definitely spared his and Mtombeni’s lives. While many people regard Prinsloo as a hero, a report by SA Trucker claims that he has received death threats as a result of his escape.

Armed robberies in the vein of Hollywood robberies, in which armed thieves shoot up or even blow up armored CIT cars, are common in South Africa. Wild robberies of these CIT cars, according to the BBC, are so frequent that they happen on a regular basis. According to the BBC, police, and campaigners believe that organized crime is a major contributor to the issue.

The criminals start tiny, moving their way up from home invasions to be members of one of the many gangs involved in the nearly regular CIT vehicle heists. To add to the complexity, a journalist named Anneliese Burgess discovered that the police often get embroiled with these heists by assisting the gangs in staying out of jail in exchange for payment, according to the BBC.

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