TikToker was so excited about the low rent prices that she didn’t realize she moved into a retirement community

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An Oklahoma teen’s decision to start a new life in Arkansas went horribly wrong when she unintentionally moved into a retirement home. On TikTok, a video documenting the embarrassing gaffe has 3.4 million views.

In Boomerville, there’s a zoomer.

Madison Kohout didn't know she'd made an error until she'd been at the facility for a week.TikTok @itsme.madiiii

Madison Kohout, 19, of Norma, who uses the handle Madi Ann on TikTok, told her followers about the blunder, writing: “Me getting ready to move to an apartment out of state that I’ve never seen in person. And I’m realizing that I’ve just moved into a nursing home.”


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After noticing her error, the embarrassed teen does a facepalm in front of a “Senior Citizens Apts.” poster, as seen in the subsequent video.

The saga started after the nursing assistant discovered a “super spacious” apartment online that was “significantly cheaper” than her Oklahoma apartment, thanks to a tip from her mother, Gigi, Kohout told Insider.

“I was able to lease a two-bedroom for only $350 a month,” exclaimed the ecstatic adolescent, who was so enamored that she moved in without ever visiting a few days later.

Kohout was originally perplexed by the fact that all of her neighbors were over the age of 65. The truth of her living condition didn’t hit her until a week after she moved in when she saw the aforementioned “retirement” tag.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine myself living in a retirement home!” Newsweek spoke with Kohout. She wouldn’t have been allowed to transfer at least if it hadn’t been for the reality that this specific home was designated as “equal opportunity housing,” which ensured it didn’t discriminate based on age.

Fortunately, despite being the only teen in the ten-unit complex, Kohout seems to be living in her unusual surroundings.

“I have become friends with a lot of my neighbors,” said the adolescent, who enjoys carousing with them, listening to their stories, and eating their delicious “home-cooked” meals.

Not just that, but the Kohout is said to be able to blast music whenever she wishes because “some of them can’t hear,” according to the old soul.

It’s no joke that Kohout’s unconventional accommodations have caused a stir on TikTok.

One reader remarked, “This could be a sitcom.”

“Congratulations, you’re now their IT person,” one joked.

Others told related tales of stumbling through an elderly village and setting up the store.

One said, “My friend moved into one when she was 24.” “She’s still there after ten years and she loves it. She invites everyone to play bingo with her.”

Together with providing her “extra sets of grandparents,” the experience has taught Kohout an important life lesson: “Remember, if you’re struggling with rent, start your early retirement,” she told reporters.

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