LA woman accidentally glues eyelids shut after mistaking nail glue for eye drops

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Yacedrah awoke with dry eyes at 1 a.m., her contact lenses already in place. She squirted what she assumed were eyedrops into her eye after grabbing the incorrect container from her pocket. Her contact lens was removed after doctors held her eye open. Following the incident, Williams said that she would never use glue again.

Since picking nail glue, which she mistook for eye drops, a lady inadvertently sealed her eyelids shut.
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Mrs. Williams awoke with dry eyes last Thursday night and searched for her bag, which contained a tiny green eye drops tube.

However, since her room was gloomy, she used a white heavy-duty glue container that she already had in her purse, according to WXYZ.

‘I was like, “Oh my goodness,” said Yacedrah, from Michigan, whose husband Derrick was sleeping next to her. It landed on my cheek, and I attempted to remove it. It suffocated my vision.’

‘I just kept tossing freezing water at my eyes and couldn’t tear them apart.’

‘I was just yelling at him to dial 911.’

When he saw her cries, Derrick awoke and hurried her to the hospital.

Doctors were able to open Yacedrah’s eyes and extract her contact lens, which turned out to be a gift in disguise.

Williams flushed her eyes with cool water as recommended by her doctor, and her husband dialed 911. Doctors held her eye open and removed her contact lens after she was admitted to the hospital.

‘They said connections rescued my vision,’ she explained.

‘They keep saying you’ll actually drop your lashes, which I did so they had to tug on it and flip the top of my lid,’ says the patient.

Dr. George Williams, the director of the Department of Ophthalmology at Beaumont Hospital, assured WXYZ that it was cool that Yacedrah wanted to use water right away.

If you have something in your eye, he says, the first thing you can do is attempt to wash it out. Hold your head under a faucet, get a liter of water, and flood your eye by keeping your eye open.

‘You’ll make a shambles, but you could preserve your sight.’

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