“Christian Karen” finally ID’d on social media after massive scene outside Nordstrom

Jano le Roux

Medically exempt from masking up — lady kicked out of a shop for declining to wear a mask — and was later handcuffed outside as she ranted at police officers. The footage goes viral.

The incident happened on April 7 at a Nordstrom Rack, where the woman declined to wear a mask inside and reportedly got aggressive with staff, according to Jam Press.


The woman, known later in the video as Kara Bell, allegedly informed workers she had a medical exemption to not wear a mask and forced a worker to get into a dressing room, per the story.

Since officers appeared, Bell declined to reveal herself on several occasions. Instead, Bell claimed she was the one raped and insinuated she was being picked out for her ethnicity.

“It kind of seems like it’s a racist thing when a black woman doesn’t have a mask on but she comes after the white woman,” Bell says in the video. “I mean, that’s the only difference, we’re both women.”

Bell, a local school board member, can be seen filming the whole conversation on her phone and tried to correct the officers on several occasions. She became increasingly angry when the cops disclosed her name, something she said they did unlawfully.

At one stage, Bell attempts to start walking away before being informed she was already detained and was not able to escape.

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“I am a woman of God,” she says in the film, which received nearly 40,000 likes on Twitter. “This is my right as much as it is yours. This is my land as much as it is yours. I did not sign up for this. I am a Christian woman of God and you are not gonna put your disgusting rules on me that are false and not true. I will not have it. I’m sick of being bullied and I’m sick of being lied to. It’s not going to happen anymore, do you understand?”

Shortly after the tirade, Bell, who had released a “my Gosh” stunned, started to be cobbled by police.

The video was quickly commented on by social media users who labeled Bell “Christian Karen,” “Karen on steroids” and “Covidium” for the pre-arrest behavior.

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