Lady Who Threw Her Dog From Balcony, Now Wants The Dog Back, Judge Stunned

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A lady from Clearwater is accused of tossing her dog over a second-floor balcony railing. She now wants the dog back but a judge slammed her with a court order banning her from owning any animals for the next 5 years.

It all started when deputies were sent to a Motel 6 on West Speedway Boulevard after a visitor harassed an employee and attempted to leap from the second-floor balcony, according to the workers. As police pounded on the door, the owner allegedly came out and tossed the dog over a second-floor balcony. The event was caught on tape by a body camera.

Mrs. Murphy, 35, was still back in her room when police entered, according to badge cam footage obtained from the Daytona Beach Police Department.

Murphy walked out of the house with a 40-pound German shepherd puppy in her arms actually throws it from the second floor. Police were stunned as they believed she was picking up the dog to take it back inside.

The puppy was then thrown over the balcony by Murphy. Miracle, as she was called by rescuers, landed on her feet with her harness already tied and dashed toward a crowded highway.

Jose Carnot, who was nearby in his food truck, caught the terrified dog and returned her to the hotel and law enforcement.

Miracle was unharmed in the fall, according to deputies, while vets discovered a dirty sewing needle stuck in her leg and extracted it. After reportedly resisting deputies, Murphy was handcuffed and convicted.

First responders were taken aback by the brutal assault on Miracle.

Murphy was scheduled to make her first court appearance in the jail’s courtroom, but she declined.

The judge requested that she be kept without bond for the time being until she is assessed for mental health problems.

The German Shepherd “Miracle,” who was saved from her accident, is “doing well,” according to the Volusia Sheriff’s Office. She is being provided for by a foster family as she recovers from her injury.

The sheriff’s office said, “Should the court grant Animal Services custody, the foster family has already expressed interest in having Miracle be a part of their forever family!”

What Happened To Mrs. Murphy

After all the suffering she put the loving German Sheppard threw, Murphy begged for the dog back claiming she had mental health problems and would never deliberately harm the dog at the animal custody trial.

The judge was stunned by the events. Luckily, it’s not every day that courts see cases of animal cruelty as bad as this one.

For torturing the Miracle by shoving a sewing needle into his leg and throwing him from a two story balcony, the judge dismissed Murphy’s motion to keep custody of Miracle.

The judge ruled that Murphy is not allowed to own or possess any animal for 5 years.

“A Volusia County judge ruled that the dog’s owner, Allison Murphy, is either unable or unfit to adequately provide for the dog,” animal services posted.

“Murphy is facing criminal charges of animal cruelty and resisting an officer with violence.”

What Happened to Miracle

Since being lowered from the hotel balcony, the Miracle puppy has been with a foster family and is a certified support dog. Miracle has found a loving family with a war hero in search of a service dog named Ted, according to Volusia County Animal Welfare.

For the staff at Volusia County Animal Welfare that had provided for her through the custody dispute, it was a bittersweet farewell.

“Today is the first day for the rest of Miracle’s life because just like her name that day was truly a miracle that she did not sustain further injuries,” shared VCAS director Adam Leath.

Miracle went home with Ted and his wife, Bridget, on Thursday after three months of rehab and preparation, with a major job as a support dog and friend for Ted.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a lot to take in! Luckily this story has a happy ending. Murphy got 5 lonely years without an animal. Miracle has a new home and a veteran has a new best friend.

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