Teen could face manslaughter charges in a hotly debated high-speed crash that left a woman mortally wounded in LA

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Police announced Wednesday that the juvenile son of a wealthy Los Angeles developer might face manslaughter charges in conjunction with a high-speed collision that killed a woman in West LA last month.

According to LAPD Capt. Brian Wendling, Monique Munoz, 32, was killed almost immediately when a Lamborghini crashed into her car in the junction of Olympic Boulevard and Overland Avenue minutes after 5 PM on February 17.

Munoz’s car almost got divided in two owing to the impact of the accident, according to Wendling. The Lamborghini’s juvenile driver, whose name police concealed due to his age, was also hospitalized with non-life critical condition.

According to a statement published by the LAPD in February, the boy was detained on suspicion of vehicular homicide. Last week, authorities in Los Angeles County were approached with a lawsuit, which is still being investigated, according to Greg Risling, a spokesperson for the district attorney’s office.

In past weeks, Munoz’s situation has caused an uproar. According to Forbes, the juvenile driver’s father, James Khuri, is a multimillionaire who owns many real estate businesses, construction enterprises, and a massive e-commerce company.

According to his family and associates, police and lawyers were not actively investigating the case because of his riches and power.

We do not name minors convicted of offenses, however, Khuri verified his family’s presence in the case on his verified Instagram page on Wednesday in a message to the victim's family.

A rally in the junction where the deadly crash happened, asking on the district attorney’s office to prosecute the juvenile, is also set for Saturday afternoon.

In social media posts as recently as Wednesday morning, the victim’s mother and local advocates reported the juvenile had not been detained, and they chastised police for not having further details. Wendling, on the other hand, says that the boy was detained at least two weeks earlier and that his arrest was just postponed because he had to be treated due to complications suffered in the accident.

According to Wendling, the juvenile had a legitimate driving license at the time of the accident, and alcohol and narcotics did not seem to be a factor. About the fact that the Lamborghini was “flying” at the time of the accident, police also do not think the juvenile was street racing, according to Wendling.

Why are people so obsessed with Lamborghinis?

According to a recent survey, Lamborghini has surpassed Ferrari and Aston Martin as America’s most coveted exotic car company.

The Huracan and its predecessor, the Gallardo, combined for 15.5 percent of bookings, according to the driving experience company.

Most large exotic rental companies offer more than 20 separate brands of vehicles from their vast fleet, with Lamborghini seeing almost three hundred more bookings than second-placed Ferrari and a whole 4 percent more than third-placed Aston Martin.

The 360 and F430, as well as the more recent 458 Italia, are among the Ferraris eligible for activity days, while the V8 Vantage and DB11 are common Aston Martin options.

Such a bedroom classic has been adored throughout the ages with Lamborghini posters, and the data suggests that many Americans also believe it is the marque to beat.

The movie, The Italian Job, made the Lamborginhi famous, and since then the company has been focused on its branding. The carmaker has become a key wealth statement in pop culture with young celebrities like Kylie Jenner who got a Lamborghini as her first car.

In the case of the Khuri family, it is clear that a love for exotic cars runs in the family. Take a look at these posts uploaded from the father of the accused’s official Instagram account.

Clearly, this father loves his son a lot, but one couldn't help to ask: Is this the right way to raise a child?

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