Former NHLer Smashes Man’s Car Mirror While Smiling, ID’d In This 'Creepy' Video

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Differing perspectives Sean Avery, a retired NHL star, unleashed the beast in this surreal caught-on-camera altercation in Los Angeles that resulted in a man’s car mirror hanging.

Avery creeps up behind the man’s sedan, the man slows down, and pulls to the side of the street, according to the video obtained by TMZ from the car owner. Avery, clad in an all-white jogging outfit, approaches the driver’s side of the vehicle and tries to pull open the driver’s door while grinning and not saying a word.

Niku Azam, the driver, shuts his door and rolls down his window to call Avery a “psychopath”. As Azam squawks the horn, Avery races across towards the front of the car and remains in front of it, while keeping that creepy smile.

Avery then strikes the guy in the left car mirror before fleeing away.

And according to research, this was not the first time the two men had clashed. Azam said that he had accidentally blocked the path for Avery in February and that when he let him by, the former New York Ranger screamed numerous times, “Slow down, you fat f**k.”

According to Azam, Avery remembered him from the February altercation that sparked this altercation.

Avery says he was the suspect of the case in another video captured by TMZ, claiming he was struck by a vehicle earlier and the man tried to “run him over,” but there is no proof of this in the previous video.

Over the course of his NHL career, Avery was involved in several scandals, most notably when he said before a game that it was natural in the NHL for guys to 

Sean Avery is a former professional ice hockey player from Canada. He played left wing for the Detroit Red Wings, Los Angeles Kings, Dallas Stars, and New York Rangers throughout his NHL career earning a reputation for his instigating playing style and provocative behavior both on and off the field. In 580 games over a 12-year career, he had 90 goals, 247 assists, and 1,533 penalty minutes. And during 2003–04 and 2005–06 NHL seasons, he led the league in penalty minutes twice. He has also appeared in modeling, most recently as an assistant at Vogue magazine, as a model, and as a restaurateur.

Avery started working at Lipman, an advertisement and creative firm in New York City, until retiring in 2012. He was advanced to a senior staffer, but the company abruptly collapsed in September 2013, allegedly due to financial difficulties, and Avery was left with a $229,167 debt.

Over the course of his NHL career, Avery was involved in several scandals, most notably when he said before a game that it was natural in the NHL for guys to He was talking about Phaneuf and Stoll, two NHL players who were dating his ex-girlfriends at the time. Through his remarks, he received a six-game suspension.

Later, Avery made a video to share his version of the event. He explained, “[I’m] running on Yucca Trail,” “Somebody in a Prius just hit me. I tried to run after him to get him to stop. He tried to run me over. I don’t know where he was from. I believe he lives on this street.”

He went on to say that he “didn’t know what to do.” Avery stated that he would contact the authorities and wait for the car to arrive. He then concluded his video by indicating that his leg “kinda hurts” but that he does not need an ambulance.

Around 10 AM on Thursday, police were sent to the 8300 blocks of Yucca Trail in West Hollywood. They referred to a vandalism report. The police, however, were unable to provide us with any further details regarding the incident.

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