Print-Making lets us make Reflection of our Life


“Arts creation or print-making has created a space for you to go into another situation. I will more easily make the reflection of your life. Arts creation needs a sensitive mindset. Moreover, the position of thinking is very important in art creation. Print-making is a good medium to let people experience and express something.”Lam Tung Pang expressed.

According to Lam, print-making presents everywhere. The point is just whether we have paid attention to it or not. Print-making happens in our daily life. The question is just whether we use the traditional method to make the print. When you see a picture, a vision, or make a plate, whether it is digital, or a solid material, until the end of the expression of the image. All the things will have these transformations. Even though you take up a leaflet, you will have this relationship. The question is just whether you have made a good relationship or not. How will you make this relationship? How will you make the judgment? How to see the visional image of things? It needs our reflection or our experience.

Talking about his works, he said that his deepest interest was how another copy could be made after finishing the plate. He said that generally, we would find the print-making over the paper. These two copies had made up the whole creative process. Therefore, Lam put them together. Why does he think about the one body with two sides? The difference between the two sides is after just carving the plate, he will directly copy the image onto the paper. The two sides are completely put together to show out. After making an image of another copy, it just shows the small part of it. The plate makes a large proportion of the work. After copying, the image makes up a small proportion of the whole works.

The most attractive part of print-making, according to Lam, is how the plate and the drawing construct a piece of work. Therefore, he has made up the works of the topic of one body with two sides.

Why does the work of Lam usually use the image of “one people”? According to Lam, when he was studying in the UK, a large part of his time is making the reflection of the period of studying in HK. During this time, he has drawn many simple lines. All of them are on the topic of “one people”. After coming back to Hong Kong, he has made the reflection of the experience of studying in UK. It is the image of his creative works. He has discovered the language of his creation. As such, he has made this use into his creative works. At this exhibition, the image of “one people” has appeared in his two print-making works. They stare at each other, just like one people. These experiences let him see himself clearly. He found that the situation is just alike.

Print-making let him copy his image once more. The situation just likes printing the situation of other people. When he creates something, he would like to check this situation. Therefore, he, this time, creates a series of work that is on the topic of “one people”. This becomes the topic of “one body with two sides”. This relationship is just like making an image on the mirror. When you ask some questions, it just likes to have one body with two ways of thinking method. When you retreat to see yourself, you will have two sides. These two sides are also you. It comes from one body. “One body with two sides” just speaks about one people who make the reflection and two different approach of thinking. This relationship just likes print-making. Therefore, he used this image to do the painting.

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