The Final Goal of Print-Making is expressing the Concept of Contemporary Time


“The print-making and earthenware act as the media of the contemporary arts. The final goal is not expressing them. Its final goal is expressing the concept of the contemporary time.”Wan Lai Kuen said.

What the attractive point of print-making for Wan is she loves hand-making item. The process will be comparatively slow. However, she gets involved into the arts of the print-making. If she does the arts creation, she will first think about the concept. She has many dialectical thinking ways. Can she promote something, just like an idea and etc? Print-making let her get involved into the process peacefully to catch up with an effect. It is the attractive place of this art. This working method is comparatively primitive. Wan has applied her past working habits into this works.

How to find fundamental thing of print-making? According to Wan, print-making itself is related to materials. It is related to the process of the hand-making arts. Earthenware is not like this. It is comparatively conceptual for the normal thinking of her. It is especially expressed when thinking about the materials and its process.

What is conceptual production? She will make the reflection more on the media of arts. She will make a reflection of what the earthenware can do and what the print-making can do. For her, she will think about how print-making expresses her concept. Wan said that she will focus on the collaboration of contemporary arts and the earthenware.

We check that there is big difference between the production of print-making and the rhythm of life. Whether Wan think that print-making is suitable for the Hong Kong student or not? According to Wan, Hong Kong Baptist University has held a print-making course. They have employed a print-making teacher. Apparently, the graduating exhibition has grown in number. Yin has acquired a sense of satisfaction and the sense of security in the use of the tools.

How will she promote the development of earthenware? According to Wan, students will influence other students. If they are interested in print-making, they will set up a studio.

Taking about the production process of her work, Wan said she pressed the mud version onto the daily product. This kind of daily product should have some bumps. After pressing the objects, it should be reversed. The buttons of the phone, after pressing, will be concaved. The outcome will be protruding. Firstly, Wan will burn the mud version. After burning it, it can be pressed to become the plate of the print-making. This plate can be re-used. The four prints are not fixed in the composition. Different objects can be reversed. The process of the job is quite complex. After making the composition, Wan used the paper of print-making for each plate. She tried to use different thickness and effects. She used the wood drill to paint on the paper. Until the paper gets thickness, Wan can capture the image. She has used this production process to implement her goals.

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