Grandtag is Dedicated to Blue Ocean Market - a Market without Competition


Everyone wonders what the market without competition is. Maybe, someone said it is impossible. However, it does not stop Grandtag Financial Group from searching for its ideal. Grandtag Financial Group has created the Blue Ocean Strategy to pursue that idea. Their CEO, Jameson Leung said that the Blue Ocean Strategy is a strategy that creates a market that there is no competition. They are the only company that provides that service.

Different Beliefs that make Grandtag grow

To cite an example, there is no person who wears shoes in Taiwan. Grandtag Financial Group is the only company that has the chance to sell the shoes to the Taiwanese. There is no Taiwanese who wears shoes. Grandtag has the opportunity to sell the shoes to Taiwanese. Other companies think that there is no market in Taiwan. They suspect why Grandtag finds the market in Taiwan. However, Grandtag has different beliefs. They think that it is good to have nobody to wear shoes. They think that there are many benefits to wearing shoes. Blue Ocean Market is the market that has little competition and even no competition.

According to Jameson Leung, the idea of “Blue Ocean” can also apply to the financial product. There are “Blue Ocean Market”, “Blue Ocean Product” and “Blue Ocean Service”. Grandtag is dedicated to a market that has no competition. If there are too many competitions, they will leave the a. After seventeen years’ running, Grandtag has the belief of developing the blue market continuously. Blue Ocean Strategy is a very important strategy. It is a business strategy. It has a high value for the client. As Grandtag has this strategy and other companies do not have it, its value is very large.

Customers can benefit from the ASEAN Economic Community

For the question of the ASEAN Economic Community, Mr. Leung thinks that it will be a great opportunity for Grandtag Financial Group. Mr. Leung thinks that the ASEAN Economic Community just like the European Union. The benefits of joining ASEAN Economic Community will be that the British and the French can go to work at Germany. If you sell something to someone between the countries, there is no tax checkpoint. The community protects the mutual benefits of the whole market to form an economic performance. According to Mr. Leung, it is positive for seven and eight countries in this community. After the formation of the community, the member of the community will get the benefits one by one. It will not be the burden for Grandtag Financial Group. If there is no ASEAN Economic Community, the colleague in the Singaporean company cannot go to Malaysia and Thailand to promote their financial product because they have no license.

If there is the community, the guideline in the community said that we can trade freely between the countries. The financial product in Singapore can be sold and promoted at Philippine and Taiwan. It will be positive to these countries. It is also positive for the customers and the residents of the community because the competition will become larger and larger after the establishment of the community.

Grandtag Sets up to Meet Market Need

Mr. Jameson Leung has 30 years’ experience in the financial industry. He has served the bank and the insurance company. During 16 years of serving the insurance company, he discovers that the product from one company cannot serve the need of every client. At the beginning of 90’, the client will find a financial advisor to do the work of wealth management. One insurance agent will represent one insurance company. Western countries begin to feel that one insurance company cannot fulfill the need of the client. Therefore, many agents have begun to become an independent broker, insurance broker. The insurance broker expands its service and becomes a financial advisor. Its abbreviation is IFA. In 1995, the British IFA germinates and appears. An insurance agent has upgraded itself to a financial advisor. According to the need of the client, they find out the product that is suitable for the client.

As the general manager, he believes that the Hong Kong market will gradually be like a sophisticated western market. In the sophisticated market, the client is very demanding. They need a very comprehensive service, a very comprehensive financial solution. A single solution can only serve some parts of clients. It cannot fulfill the need of the clients.

Mr. Leung has seen the trend that the independent financial advisor will establish itself in the Hong Kong market and provide the client the financial advice. Therefore, Mr. Leung has retired and left the insurance field to establish an IFA firm and continue to provide the service to the clients. The story behind the Grandtag is the growth of the need of the insurance and one insurance company cannot fulfill the need of the market. Therefore, Grandtag has set up to meet this need.

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