A Rational Mind is needed to excel in the Print-Making Art World



Recently, the art market is flourishing. There are many auctions of art pieces in Hong Kong. Through the artist’s work, many have created a lot sum of wealth. This trend has attracted many people to join the art world. Many people want to be successful in the art world. However, is it easy to be successful in the art world? What are the criteria the artist should have in order to excel in the art world? The outsider may not know the answers.

For this reason, the author has made an interview with the well-known artist - Chung Tai Fu. And he has given a clear answer for such a question. Many may think that the most important criteria of the artist should have creativity. However, according to Chung, the most important criteria for a successful artist should be the rational mind and self-control mindset. He or she should be rational in order to excel in the print-making arts world.

A rational Mind is needed in printmaking

Chung said that he was a rational person. It is one of the reasons why he likes printmaking. Printmaking requires the artist to have a rational mind. Chung said “The artist cannot make his works with moving heart when doing the printmaking. It is because the printmaking needs the process of plate making. The process of plate making purifies the moving heart.” He will analyze the plate step by step with his rational power. He will find out which plate he should do first and find out which color he should use first. He will find out each step clearly.

According to Chung Tai Fu, apart from the rational mind, the print-making process and the print-making arts need a self-control mindset. If the artist does not have a self-control mindset, he will feel depressed when processing the print-making arts. Chung explained “It is because that print-making is not just making one print. The artist will need to make several prints. As such, when making the tenth print, the artist will feel depressed if he does not have the self-control mindset.” To be a successful printmaker, the artist should endure this kind of pain. This is the reason why Chung will excel in the print-making world.

Chung's Work is full of Heart-Searching Theme

Talking about his works, Chung said that this theme is the extension of his rock color works. In 2012, Chung has started to paint some works called “Ripple”. He likes to use the personal experience from his surrounding environment to act as his theme of works. In Vancouver, he has a pond. He just finds his idea from that.

Chung thinks that water itself is very special. On the one hand, it can reflect the interactivity of the outer world. If there is a red flower, the water will become red. If there is a pine beside the pond, the water will become green in color. On the other hand, if there is a redfish passing by, three-layer meaning will be expressed out as there is the surface of the water, the median of the water, and the bottom of the water. These three layers of the water can reflect the change. Chung added, “Its internal change can let me observe the world calmly. I can sense nature and myself. It makes me use the model of water as my main theme. It is a heart-searching theme.”

This heart-searching theme is also reflected in his works in the Sun museum. Chung has produced a series of works about freedom, finance, democracy, and the military for Sun museum. He always thought that North America is the best no matter in the terms of freedom, democracy, economy, and technology. However, when he came to Canada, he discovered that that is no certain answer for his past thought. People said that the medical facility in Canada is good. However, he discovered the medical facility of Hong Kong is also quite good. Chung has a reflection about his past thought. It has produced his latest works.

The theme of Chung’s work is somewhat political, as we see in the above interview. What makes Chung search for this theme? Maybe, we should learn that from his learning history.

Chung's Learning History

Chung Tai Fu graduated from the Hong Kong Chinese University in 1981. When he graduated from university, he has already been interested in printmaking. However, as he was unsatisfied with his graduating work, no matter in visual effect or the idea, he decided to have a further study. As his teacher told him if he wanted to learn printmaking, there are only two places for me to choose – one in Japan and another one in Germany. He had chosen to learn printmaking in Japan.

He had applied for the Education Ministry Scholarships from Japan. After several times trial, he had successfully received the scholarships and had gone to Tokyo Arts University to further his research in printmaking. After two years of studying, he had come back to Hong Kong to teach printmaking at a technical institute and Chinese University until 2003. He had migrated to Canada.

Great artwork is the brainchild of the artist. To create great artwork, the artist needs to equip with different kinds of talents. Many would ask which kind of talents. If you ask which kind of talents the artist need, all of us know that the creation of a great artwork needs creativity and imagination. However, in today’s interview, the great artist, Chung Tai Fu has told us that apart from creativity, the artist needs to have a rational mind and a self-control mindset. This opinion is just opposite to our common senses. Maybe, to be a great artist, one should need a rational mind and a self-control mindset to run his or her career. Thanks to Chung’s opinion, he lets us know another aspect of the art world. If you want to be a successful artist, we should say that you need to cultivate your rational mind from now on. Let us make effort in these areas today!

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