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Horse’n Around Rescue Annual Open House 2022

Janet de Acevedo Macdonald

The Horse’n Around Rescue will hold its 12th annual open house from 10 am to 2 pm, this Saturday, October 22, at its home on the Single Star Ranch located at 7484 E Highway 92, in Hereford, Arizona.
HAR Open House Trailer 2022PHOTO CREDIT: Horse'n Around Rescue

First-time visitors should be aware that as you arrive at the Single Star Ranch gate, each guest is asked to sign a waiver. While people attending the open house are certainly welcome to wear a mask, no COVID restrictions, mandates, etc. will be in effect.

This Saturday’s open house will include plenty of time to stroll around the property to see how things are set up, chat with its volunteers, buy a few fund-raising raffle tickets, select a pumpkin to buy for carving or eating, or both, and take time to pet the many equines on hand (horses, ponies, mules, donkeys). Local bagpiper Marla O’Halloran will be piping patriotic and western tunes to enjoy. The first Horse’n Around Rescue open house had 40 guests, and last year’s welcomed more than 200.
Two happy members of the Horse'n Around Rescue herdPHOTO CREDIT: Horse'n Around Rescue
Horse'n Around Rescue ponies and donkeys await youPHOTO CREDIT: Horse'n Around Rescue
Horse'n Around Rescue Kiss My Mini boothPHOTO CREDIT: Horse'n Around Rescue

Plenty to see, do and learn
Naturally, there will be tons of Instagram-ready opportunities like the mini donkey kissing booth, kids' craft area, big truck demonstrations, and hayrides through the pasture. Surely the most charming, snapshot-ready bit of fun has got to be the obstacle course set up for kids and their stick-horse mounts (tamed stick horses provided).

Meet the rescue horses
Horse’n Around Rescue’s professional trainer is Regi Richter of Tombstone Horsemanship. Regi, a multitalented, gifted horsewoman, will lead horse demonstrations using some of the many success horse stories she has been a part of at the rescue. This year, training demonstration will also be done by the rescue’s volunteers.
Trainer Regi Richter of Tombstone HorsemanshipPHOTO CREDIT: Horse'n Around Rescue
Horse'n Around Rescue volunteer and horsePHOTO CREDIT: Horse'n Around Rescue

Meet Moriyah
This little filly was abandoned when she was a few days old. Today, Moriyah is a healthy, happy six-month-old, and is ready to meet the world!
Meet six-month-old filly, MoriyahPHOTO CREDIT: Horse'n Around Rescue

Don’t go away hungry
There will be good eats on hand, too. Montano’s Chili & More from Tucson specializes in a variety of entrees including quesadillas, tacos, and burritos. Sierra Vista’s own Julie and Sammy’s 33 Flavors will be on hand with its yummy ice cream desserts.

Dress for success
As you get ready to visit, it’s a good time to choose cowboy or riding boots over sandals, or at least close-toed shoes over flip-flops. Exposed human tootsies are no match for the rock-hard hooves of a horse that does not mean to (but could) step on you. Add sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to your ranch-visiting gear too - that way you only return home with horse kisses, cellphone pics, and happy memories, versus a sunburn, dry eyeballs, and a wind-chapped face.

Remember why Horse’n Around Rescue is needed
Cofounded by Theresa Warrell and Steve Boice, the Horse’n Around Rescue and its equine charges enjoy the use of nearly 1400 acres set in Hereford’s Miracle Valley neighborhood. Its sloping, deep grasslands stretch eastward of the Bob Thompson Peak in the Huachuca Mountains range.

As you enjoy the open house and give your love and attention to the 50+ animals, it’s good to remember that most Horse’n Around Rescue residents are victims of animal cruelty and neglect. They have been treated inhumanely, starved, neglected, abandoned, and abused. Often once animals become old, injured, or ill, the owners no longer have a need for them and wish to discard their “problem.” Equines can become a burden to their owners for a multitude of reasons -- poor economic conditions, an unexpected crisis like COVID-19, job loss, relocation, loss of interest, or personal issues such as sickness or death -- which results in a desperate need to find a home for their animals. Horses are being euthanized for convenience, sent to Mexico for slaughter, and turned loose on public and/or private lands to fend for themselves. Horse’n Around Rescue serves to fill these needs by offering a safe, nurturing place for these unwanted animals.

Today, more than 175 equines have been rescued from difficult circumstances and are living life in a pasture with room to roam. Each has ample and appropriate feed, unlimited fresh water, medical care, health maintenance, and lots of positive attention. Some will be adopted into new homes while others will have a forever home at Horse’n Around. To date, 104 horses have been adopted!

Volunteer opportunities
Horse’n Around Rescue is run 100% on volunteer power because it has no paid staff! If you want to have a good time, don’t mind getting dirty, and want to help some amazing horses, this is the place for you to give your time, treasure, and talent.

Ask about its many volunteer opportunities during the open house or reach out for further details: or phone: Theresa, 520-266-0236, or Steve Boice, 520-907-8765

Horse’n Around Rescue Ranch and Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in Southeastern Arizona funded by generous donations from individuals, corporations, and foundations. It is dedicated to rescuing equines, restoring their health and wellness, and providing a nurturing and natural environment where “horses can be horses” so they can be adopted into forever homes.
HAR 2022 Open HousePHOTO CREDIT: Horse'n Around Rescue

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