GameStop looking to expand business by hiring NFT creators

James Tuliano

While GameStop has yet to officially announce what their plans are, a mysterious website owned by GameStop has been updated with a request for ”creators” to help build their NFT marketplace.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is typically a photo (though it can be associated with other types of digital files) that is stored with a unique unit of data on a blockchain (the same technology that cryptocurrencies use). The unique unit of data on the blockchain symbolizes ownership, and that ownership and be transferred to other individuals. NFTs can sell for lots of money, and it appears that GameStop wants in on the action.

The website,, displays the words “Change the Game” as well as a banner requesting for creators to join the GameStop NFT marketplace. Those that are interested can fill out a short form to be put on a list.

It has yet to be announced by the company what their plan for NFTs is, but the news appears to have investors excited. GameStop (GME) is up 3.54% today, trading at $153.70 a share currently (though this is, of course, subject to change. Visit here to view the real-time value of the stock).

GameStop isn’t the only gaming-focused company that is getting into the NFT space. Ubisoft recently started selling NFTs in the form of cosmetic items in the game Ghost Recon Breakpoint, though it was met with some negative reception. Despite the initial backlash, Ubisoft claims that NFTs are “a major change that will take time,” and they are still committed to the idea.

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