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Development agencies and developers launches new campaign to promote Erieview Historic District

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CLEVELAND - Economic development agencies, Team NEO and the Downtown Cleveland Alliance (DCA) have officially launched a new campaign at Erieview Historic District. The district is located between East 9th and 12th streets and Euclid and Lakeside avenues, hosting a variety of buildings and businesses.

Started from last week, the campaign aims to attract new investments and commercial tenants to the newly-designated district through a list of sponsored content on LinkedIn. It targeted business, property, and site selection professionals. An online portal will also feature more information about the Erieview Historic District.

Christine Nelson, vice president of project management, strategies, and talent for Team NEO, said, ”We’re really excited to do this pilot co-branding marketing piece, we’re always selling the region and we highlight sites in more general terms, but we’re doing something specific with the Erieview Historic District that is new.”

She said that Team NEO would target C-level executives in service industries where it makes sense to be downtown, or ideally those who have ties to Cleveland.

Since Erieview has just earned the historic status earlier this year, all the property owners are qualified for federal and state historic tax credits and the city’s Historic Conservation Easement Program, co-administered by the Historic Gateway Neighborhood Corporation.

Originally, the Erieview area was designed in 1960 by a famed architect named I.M Pei. Its initiators built it as part of an urban renewal effort to make the lakefront the focus of the downtown.

Michael Deemer, interim president and CEO of DCA, said, “What captured the attention of the National Register of Historic Places is, Erieview Historic District is really rooted in I.M. Pei’s vision of what the area could become, but a lot of it went unrealized,” he also added that the plan doesn’t fit the mixed-use designs expected today. “One of the cool things about it is we can use that as a building block to attract businesses—transform it from a 20th Century office district to a mixed-use district.”

With significant adaptive reuse and development potential combined with more than six million square feet of office space, the neighborhood offers accessibility to downtown retail, lakefront views, high-speed fiber, cultural and entertainment comfort, and public transit running regularly.

As for the entertainment update, the residents will see tons of activity this summer. “Much is happening over the next couple of months that will add vibrancy and value to the district,” Deemer confirmed.

He also added, “Walnut Wednesday will return to Perk Plaza every week beginning Wednesday, June 2. RTA will launch a redesign of its system on June 13 that will bring more frequent convenient service through the heart of the district.”

Deemer explained that plans to build protected bike lanes along the Superior Avenue midway are in the works. He hoped it would help transform the Erieview Historic District into Downtown Cleveland’s next great mixed-use neighborhood.

He remarked that DCA and Team NEO plan to keep on promoting Erieview as the district grows and becomes what he visualizes as a thriving downtown, with East 4th Street, Playhouse Square, Euclid, and the Warehouse District.

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