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National News Crew Robbed As Their Car Was Broken Into at San Francisco City Hall

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A Vehicle Rented By A CNN News Crew was robbed in front of San Francisco City Hall Even With A Hired Security Team WatchingPhoto by@KyungLahCNN/Twitter, elf0724/Getty Images

Even with a hired security company, a CNN news crew had their rental vehicle broken into and their bags stolen at San Francisco city hall. Reporter Kyung Lah posted on her Twitter page about it.

"Got robbed. Again," Lah wrote. "(CNN producer Jason Kravarik) & I was at city hall in San Francisco to interview @CNN. We had security to watch our rental car & crew car. Thieves did this in under 4 seconds. Security stopped the jerks from stealing other bags. But seriously this is ridiculous."
CNN News Reporter Tweets about her frustration on their rented vehicle being robbed at San Francisco City HallPhoto byKyung Lah Twitter Page

Police With No Answers To Car Theft Problem:

I had my own experience in San Francisco when someone broke into my car after breaking the window. The 911 operator told me to call the regular line for the police station or to go to the auto burglary site of the San Francisco Police Department and fill out a police report.

As I was talking to the 911 operator the guy got into another car and stole a laptop & fled. I got his license number and called 911 again but the car may be stolen anyway. Many People have frustrating stories.

Car Theft & Car Jackings are On the Rise:

The latest statistics are not good regarding auto thefts with the numbers continuing to climb. San Francisco is ranked 6th in the nation for the highest number of car thefts.,13%20percent%20increase%20over%202020.

Car Owners Sue Kia:

TikTok challenges are of legend and young people who will do anything for attention will participate in them. From eating Tide pods to filing teeth, it’s amazing what young people will do. Another crazy one was stealing cars, exclusively Kia’s. Kia auto thefts have soared & owners sued Kia due claiming they have inadequate auto theft devices. It's an out of control problem that has to be addressed properly.

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