Social Media Users Speak Out Against Gwyneth Paltrow

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Gwyneth Paltrow was called out by many Tik Tok users after she talked about her wellness regimenPhoto byYahoo Finance/FilmMagic/Getty Images & Dear Media/TikToik

Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to controversy. She has said and done some bizarre things that some say at best are eccentric and at worse are downright dangerous. Enter the business that she is part owner of, Goop.

Goop is a site that is geared towards mostly wealthy women. They have high-end to very high-end products that are for health and wellness, sex items, jewelry, clothes, and other needs. They even sell vagina scented candles. I’m not joking.

Paltrow had to close her London store this January after a 4-year run. Goop also lost a lawsuit paying out $145,000 for making health claims that have never been proven.

The Latest Controversy:

What started the outrage was Paltrow’s comments about her wellness program on “The Art of being well” podcast with her friend Dr. Will Cole who is a friend and expert of hers. You’d think he was a medical doctor? No, he is a chiropractor that got his license from an Alternative Medicine school. reported that Paltrow enjoys expensive IV therapy which has become the rage in higher-end wellness treatments.

Her favorites were Glutathione and Phosphatidylcholine to help give her vibrant skin and other benefits. Like most wellness products, their effectiveness does not have to be proven and does not fall under the FDA.

She also went on to say that she mostly had bone broth and vegetables for her diet. Professional dietitians and nutritionists had a field day on Tik Tok commenting on how unhealthy she looked and how unhealthy and unrealistic her diet was.

Many wellness myths like cleansing and detoxing live because many celebrities support these ideas backed by their endorsing companies or wellness websites. A celebrity-obsessed country is more than willing to believe whatever their favorite person promotes. This industry is worth billions. Do unbiased research.

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