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Author JL Rothstein shares what has inspired her to become a successful Indy Writer

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Author JL Rothstein at her two tables waiting for the opening of the Boston Comic ConJL Rothstein Twitter Page

With self-publishing, writing has become more popular and accessible to people. With her large social media following, Writer JL Rothstein has already seen success while inspiring new writers to follow their dream of creating a successful book series.

The author of the supernatural Heaven Sent book series said that she recently was at the very popular Boston Comic Con. Her tables were successful and popular as she sold out her books and merchandise. Her online book tour has also been very popular. The Heaven Sent book series includes the three books Atonement, Hellbound, and Vengeance.
Author JL Rothstein's 3 books of the Heaven Sent Series!JL Rothstein Twitter Page

JL grew up in a small section of Boston, Massachusetts. She was very close to her family who told her stories of their past which she greatly enjoyed. Her mom was an avid reader and it inspired JL’s love of books and reading. Her love and admiration for her family fueled her passion to know more about her heritage. Her family gave gave her the gift of storytelling.
Author JL Rothstein with her amazingly supportive husband AlanJL Rothstein Instagram Page

The first time JL became serious about writing was when she was in between jobs. She spent hours at the library researching the art of writing. During that time, she started to write material for her first book, Atonement. She began to see her time at the library as her occupation and treated it like a job. She took her laptop and spent hours a day researching, learning, and writing. Even when she returned to her job, she continued to go to the library daily and on weekends.

She learned just how disciplined a writer must be in finishing a manuscript. Most writers never finish their first book, not realizing the dedication it takes. After her first manuscript, she couldn’t write enough. It also helped to have a husband who was positive and supportive of her love of writing. After her first book, she got a chance to share it with people all over the country who enjoyed interacting with her. It was fun to talk to people on how much they enjoyed her books.
Alexis gives a thumbs up after getting one of JL's Books at the Boston Comic ConJL Rothstein Instagram Page

JL feels that she has gained unique talents. “I think I am good at taking a trope or known symbolism in Christianity and spinning them in a new and unique way. I also take great care in developing characters; who are they, what are their motivations, and are they believable? I think the more time you spend doing that, the more realistic those characters come across and the quicker the reader can relate to them.”

Rothstein said that the biggest challenge for her was keeping a consistent point of view. “I found myself wandering. Before I knew it I was head hopping. Now I always know which point of view my writing will be told from, so I think of what that character can see, feel, or touch.”
Mr. Thumbs makes an appearance on JL's social media pages on occassionJL Rothstein Twitter Page

She presently has a couple of projects in the works. One of them is a thriller that is not supernatural. “I like the idea of challenging myself to write in a new genre. When I finish it, I may pursue a more traditional publication process. I think it’s important to push yourself in all aspects of the process.” JL feels that if you are learning something new and always working to improve as a writer, you are on the right path.

She will also continue to inspire and support others in the hopes that everyone can share their writing for others to enjoy.

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